Compelling Benefits Of Mobile Cloud Computing

June 28, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Written by Kenneth Evans

Most individuals who are a bit tech-savvy have heard of the word "mobile cloud computing" at least once. But what really is mobile cloud computing? Many of us are aware that these tools which enable personal users and businesses access their files, images, documents and other data remotely by utilizing their mobile computing devices and the internet. This term incorporates a number of clouds and mobile computing application, though.

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) fuses the universal smartphone and the fast-growing cloud computing market. As one of the major present-day technologies, MCC has demonstrated itself to be of great benefits to both cloud-based service providers and mobile users.

User-friendly mobile apps are designed using this method and are hosted and powered by cloud computing technologies. The MCC approach has to assist app developers India to design applications, particularly to mobile owners, which can be utilized irrespective of the capacity of the device to store data or its operating system. Here, the role of data storage and data processing are carried out outside the mobile phones. 


What differentiates MCC and other native applications from the concept of Mobile Computing concept is its ability to enable the device to run web applications that are cloud-based. By subscribing to cloud services, a user can access their data and store applications anytime and anywhere on the internet. Currently, the MCC trend seems to be inclined towards the convenience and services provided by a mobile cloud even though most devices have the capability to run both native and web-based apps.

It is right to say that any tool termed as "mobile cloud computing" is used to process or/and store data away from the mobile device itself while still allowing the user to access it through a particular device. If you require any instances, just consider your smartphone. There are good chances that you have apps like GPS technology, mobile email, Google maps that you are very conversant with. There are many ways in which users and businesses and app developers India can benefit from mobile cloud computing.

Mobile cloud computing enables businesses to save money 

Mobile cloud computing tools assist in cutting capital expenditures by allowing users and employees to share resources and applications with little or no investment in hardware or/and software. Low technical operations and setup facilitate lower price structure irrespective of whether you are a personal user or you run an enterprise. 

Users have access to more features on their mobile phones 

By bringing into life apps that were initially never thought of such as home security tools and location-based social networks, cloud computing has transformed the mobile market. There is no definite prediction of the kind of features we will enjoy in the nearest future but the possibilities are infinite. 

Developers reach wider markets through the mobile cloud

This is because all cloud applications go through the same browser and operate flawlessly irrespective of the mobile operating system the end user has on his mobile computing device or phone. While before now, developing applications that operate on all mobile operating system is difficult, presently, latest mobile browsers such as Apple and Google have made access possible to a wide range of consumer markets. 

Developers reduce costs and increase returns with mobile computing 

Due to developments in mobile cloud computing, app developers India can now reach a wider market and acquire more profits while they cut the cost of expenditures. The era where programmers are compelled to work within the boundaries of monopolizing application store and also require creating a separate version of a software is over. 

More new mobile network providers can join the trend 

The market for mobile network providers have greatly improved and have transformed into an equal playing field due to the emergence of mobile cloud computing. A lot of new network providers have built their own MCC service offerings. This gives birth to stiff competition among the network providers which is good for the marketplace as it gives room for more innovation and it is also good for the customers because it facilitates fair price. 

It enhances flexibility 

Imagine a scenario whereby you are out on a tour and you want to access some files that you have scanned and saved on your device and you didn’t bring along your laptop or cell phone. You can access all your documents from virtually any device. You can definitely use or access your data with mobile cloud computing from anywhere in the globe. As long as there is an internet connection, you can make use of any mobile device. You can also access data and applications from your device. 

Going real time 

Mobile cloud computing allows you to go real time. Gone are the days when you experience delays between the points you had an update to the point when you could share or use it. Since your entire applications and data are externally managed by a third party, you can access and update your data with very little or no hassle and in real time. Additionally, if you need your friend or family to look a bit into it or you are working with a team, it can simultaneously be done globally. 

While there are vividly numerous benefits that have surfaced since the emergence of mobile cloud computing, before developers, end users and business should embrace this technology, they should be aware of some of its persistent challenges. 

The most obvious difficulty facing MCC is the availability the network access. Where there is no functioning network, you cannot access or process data by using a mobile cloud application. Occasionally, there may be the unavailability of the network even with the most trusted mobile networks. In light of this issue, developers are trying to come up with solutions to address this issue; at least for minor connectivity seizures. 

As more and new innovative solution emerges, app developers India should be able to address all the difficulties that are associated with mobile cloud computing. This implies that as technology is further refined, more benefits of MCC will surely be realized. While the cloud computing on the desktop computer more advanced than mobile cloud, it is getting closer to each software update. 


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