CloudVector Introduces API Shark, The Free API Observability Tool

January 23, 2020 Off By David

CloudVector, today announced the launch of API Shark, the free API discovery and observability tool. Digital transformation trends are propagating public, private and internal enterprise APIs across cloud environments faster than DevOps and SecOps teams can register and maintain them. API Shark automatically discovers and monitors API catalogs with high fidelity. 

“Part of the reason that APIs are a huge risk is because developers are under pressure to deliver, but they don’t have time to register and maintain an API catalog,” said Ravi Bulapari, founder and vice president, CloudVector. “We are offering the powerful functionality of API Shark to the community for free, so that DevOps and SecOps teams can automate this tedious process.”

API Shark, the free API observability tool, is available for Kubernetes environments and incorporates robust functionality available in CloudVector’s enterprise offering, including:

  • Automated API Catalogs – Automate your API discovery to build a complete inventory of your enterprise API assets. Better yet, automate the generation of your API specifications in the leading industry standard: OpenAPI/Swagger.
  • Proactive Risk Assessment – Automatically generate API blueprints to identify common API risks, such as improper authentication or token re-use. No need to upload your API specification, let API Shark discover it for you.
  • Deep API Monitoring – Deep API inspection delivers visibility into real-time API calls and API payload metrics, such as response time latency, geographic origin of calls, and access to critical enterprise assets.
  • Seamless Deployment – No change to code, no need to use shims, and no change to network makes setup a breeze.

Download API Shark, the free API observability tool.