Cloudscene Launches Enterprise Tool to Find Cloud Connectivity Routes Worldwide

June 24, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Cloudscene, the leading telecommunications industry marketplace and world’s largest cloud directory, has today announced the launch of Cloud Pathfinder, an online app that allows enterprises to search and connect with cloud partners anytime, anywhere.

The expansion of Cloudscene’s product portfolio comes in response to industry demand for solutions that better enable the global market to connect to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and VMware.

The launch of Cloud Pathfinder at International Telecoms Week 2019 is the first phase of Cloudscene’s wider procurement solution that will streamline the way the telecommunications industry communicates and transacts.

“Cloud adoption plays a key role in enterprise digital transformation. Yet the process for an enterprise to connect their network or data center resources to a cloud provider is often manual, time-consuming and lacking in market intelligence,” said Belle Lajoie, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudscene

Following a search from any data center or enterprise building address worldwide, quotations can be requested in a matter of minutes, resulting in notifications being sent directly to the service providers from the app.

With Gartner recently forecasting a 17.5% increase in worldwide public cloud revenue reaching US $214.3 billion in 2019, Cloud Pathfinder will play a critical role in supporting global cloud transactions and enterprises implementing a multi-cloud strategy.

“Cloud Pathfinder is the first independent cloud procurement solution for the industry. With this tool, enterprises can make more informed decisions that drive performance and return on investment on their cloud infrastructure.

“By combining our deep knowledge of the industry with Cloudscene’s neutral and trusted data-driven platform, we believe we are revolutionizing the way enterprises will transact now and into the future,” added Lajoie.

Major global cloud providers are collaborating directly with Cloudscene to utilize Cloud Pathfinder as a sales enablement tool for their global field teams, relying on the app’s data center and on-net building data to support their customer’s evolving requirements.

Integrated with Cloudscene’s directory, Cloud Pathfinder’s data is derived from the connectivity information of over 7,100 service providers listed on Cloudscene. Service providers can directly manage and update their data, which ensures the ongoing accuracy of the information published across Cloudscene’s platform.

Cloud Pathfinder is available now via and is accessible with a free Cloudscene user account.