CloudPassage Releases Compliance Update to Halo Security Platform

April 24, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from CloudPassage

CloudPassage announced today a new release of CloudPassage Halo, the company’s award-winning automated cloud workload security platform. The update includes the addition of Server Account Monitoring (SAM) for Windows, which helps security teams achieve compliance and improved security posture by enabling them to monitor local server accounts on Windows servers.

"Maintaining compliance is essential to security analysts in regulated industries," said Amit Gupta, head of product management, CloudPassage. "With this new release, Halo now provides Windows users the most effective framework for monitoring server accounts in highly dynamic environments such as AWS, Azure, and private clouds."


SAM for Windows will allow security analysts to produce reports on local user account inventories, identifying privileged accounts and other situations that administrators monitor. In addition, analysts can search across their entire monitored infrastructure for accounts matching particular criteria such as those that have not logged in over a period of time, or are locked due to password failures. Halo scans user accounts continuously so that analysts always have a view of the current state, but historical scans details are available so that a server’s state on a particular date can be referenced. When new or deleted accounts are detected, analysts can be alerted in case remediation is necessary.