Cloudistics Shares 4 Reasons to Repatriate Public Cloud Services and Data To Private Cloud

March 30, 2018 Off By Hoofer

Cloud computing has been around now for some time but questions about security still linger-especially with reports of widespread data breaches. Cloud computing makes it relatively easy to procure the services you want and trust the service provider to do the heavy lifting. The prize of less complexity and less worry with the promise of fast and flexible data and applications is very enticing. However, this "trust" in the arrangement overlooks a very important risk-that of exposing data to hackers and thieves.

Public cloud uses what’s known as the shared-security model. For example, Amazon’s part of the shared security is the infrastructure underlying the cloud service itself. It protects the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that generate the AWS cloud services. The enterprise customer is responsible for all the software running in the cloud instance, including encryption, operating system, firewall, platforms, and applications.  Because this can be overwhelming and not always monitored as frequently as necessary, there is a growing trend of companies moving mission critical data back to private data cloud solutions-known as data repatriation.  

For more insights, check out this article from Cloudistics sharing 4 reasons to consider Repatriating Public Cloud Services and Data to Private Cloud.

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