Cloudistics Application Marketplace Adds Value to Ignite Cloud Controller

February 27, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Cloudistics

Cloudistics, the cloud software appliance company, announced the launch of its Cloudistics Application Marketplace integrated within its SaaS cloud controller, Ignite. The marketplace is a turnkey solution that includes pre-built, ready-to-run, reusable application and OS templates that can be deployed instantly, with the click of a button. 

"We were able to cut our application deployment and management tasks from weeks to minutes using the Cloudistics Application Marketplace", said Jon Halseth, IT Manager of The Atlanta Hawks. "The ease of use significantly changed our work output. We are able to easily import applications into the marketplace, assign cloud computing resources and launch applications on-demand based on our organizational needs in a fraction of the time it used to take us."

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Using the Cloudistics Application Marketplace, IT can create its own VM templates to reduce risk and wasted cycles by deploying applications that leverage tested and validated prebuilt images from the software vendors. Deployments of complex applications are quick and simple and by deploying a common application image across heterogeneous and geographically dispersed infrastructure, organizations can ensure predictable performance and top-notch security practices. Via Ignite, developers can also create resource profiles for each application to ensure predictable performance, and secure applications within virtual networks. The Cloudistics Application Marketplace answers the primary frustration of IT administrators, a simple way to quickly respond to growing businesses they support.

"The Marketplace has been bundled with Ignite for just over a year now, to test its viability and value, and based upon its resounding success and widespread adoption, we are now officially announcing its inclusion with Cloudistics Ignite," explained Najaf Husain, CEO and Founder of Cloudistics. "This product brings immense value to any organization concerned with IT’s ability to instantaneously respond to the fast changing needs of its business with simplified and rapid applications deployment."

The Cloudistics Marketplace delivers significant business benefit through it’s fast time-to-market turnaround. By leveraging hardened and tuned images, the marketplace minimizes the risk of human error associated with provisioning servers manually. Users enjoy peace of mind knowing that applications can now be deployed consistently throughout their environment. In addition, deploying new applications is as simple as launching an app on a smartphone, IT staff are freed up to focus on higher value activities and business drivers.

Ignite offers users three ways in which to create and deploy application instances from the Marketplace:  

  • The ability to quickly create and deploy an application instances from defined application templates. The instances function as thin-provisioned clones that share a common base image, further reducing storage usage across the virtual datacenter.
  • Users can import VMs from VMware or HyperV directly into a template and use that to create a new application instance.
  • The option to create from installer, using an ISO file to create a new application instance.

RunSafe Security is the pioneer of a unique cyberhardening technology for vulnerable embedded systems and devices, which renders threats inert by eliminating attack vectors.

"RunSafe was designed to significantly reduce vulnerabilities and deny malware the uniformity required to propagate," said Joe Saunders, CEO of RunSafe.  What drives us is the plight so many organizations face – an excess of time, money, and resources spent on deploying cybersecurity products that don’t address current exploits. Together with Cloudistics, we are able to deliver tools that than can keep up with the ever evolving security landscape and disrupt traditional hacker economics.

"2017 saw a huge uptick with our customers, we closed out the fiscal year with 7x growth in revenues," said Christopher Myhill, VP of Marketing for Cloudistics. "Customers such as Microstrategy, Massanutten ski resorts and CAE online, a leading trading and investment platform, all joined the Cloudistics family this past quarter because we demonstrated a premium cloud experience where legacy solutions such as VMware fell short."

The Cloudistics Application Marketplace addresses the number one challenge facing IT today; namely the ability to rapidly and effectively deploy applications to satisfy the almost constantly changing needs of business in the digital era.