Cloudfire switches from CentreStack to Storage Made Easy for their Collaboration offering deployed on OpenStack and Red Hat Ceph

May 31, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Cloudfire

Storage Made Easy (SME), supplier of the leading Enterprise File Fabric, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Cloudfire, an Italian cloud provider based in Reggio Emilia with a focus on cloud for business. Integrating the SME Enterprise File Fabric with existing cloud storage based on Ceph will enrich the offerings Cloudfire can provide to customers.

Cloudfire is a cloud service provider offering Backup, Disaster Recovery,Private Cloud (IaaS), Archiving, Monitoring, Web Services and Unified Communications (Mail, File Sharing, Cloud PBX).

Cloudfire replaced CentreStack from Gladinet with SME because they needed a secure, stable, and richer featured user-friendly platform. Customers can now manage corporate collaboration and file sharing with unified control of enterprise assets, satisfying security requirements.

Roberto Bondavalli, Cloudfire C.E.O. said: "Cloudfire service offering is focused on business and enterprise customers needs, so the requirements are extreme in terms of features, security, reliability and user experience. We believe that the partnership with SME will allow Cloudfire to offer an unparalleled collaboration service for enterprises."

The SME Enterprise File Fabric adds a multitude of strong business features including single sign-on, user controlled encryption, team workspaces, file sync and share, auditing and security policies. Storage Made Easy enables secure access to OpenStack & Ceph from any desktop, web or mobile device.

The SME product also adds a protocol gateway which can provide access to OpenStack Storage over FTP/WebDAV/SFTP and an Amazon S3 compatible API.

Giada Ligato, European Sales Director, said, "Storage Made Easy and Cloudfire together add the extra security required for enterprise clients who need to collaborate securely, while satisfying the forthcoming GDPR regulations. Storage Made Easy works with enterprise-class customers and partners. We are very pleased to welcome Cloudfire to the SME partner family."