Cloudamize Helps The Instillery Triple the Speed of Migration Planning and Grow Its Cloud Business

November 20, 2018 Off By Hoofer

The Instillery, a public cloud consulting and managed services company, has leveraged the Cloudamize cloud computing analytics platform to plan cloud migrations three times faster for enterprises moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using Cloudamize’s automated analytics for cloud assessment and migration planning, The Instillery can more quickly instill confidence to migrate and get clients to the cloud faster – ultimately helping it increase the growth of its cloud business and provide exceptional client experiences.

Before implementing Cloudamize, attempting to gain full visibility into clients’ on-premises infrastructures was painfully time-consuming for both The Instillery and its clients. Accurately and efficiently predicting cost and performance in AWS and identifying the best path to the cloud were major challenges that led to delayed cloud adoption by clients.

Because manual assessment and migration planning cost so much time, taking on new projects was nearly impossible for The Instillery without any extra bandwidth. As a result, the cloud consulting company chose to partner with Cloudamize.

"We chose Cloudamize because of the depth and precision of its analytics, and its ability to automate data analysis throughout the entire cloud migration journey," said Mike Jenkins, Founder, The Instillery. "Now, we can quickly give our clients a complete picture of their on-premises infrastructure, a detailed prediction of their AWS costs and performance, and a roadmap to their best-possible cloud environment. These data-driven insights have been instrumental in accelerating cloud adoption and migration for our clients."

The Instillery has also leveraged Cloudamize to build phased migration plans for its clients. In particular, it used the platform to automate application dependency mapping. This was critical in designing the overall migration plan, including which applications had to be moved together and when they should be moved.

"We love helping partners like The Instillery effectively use automated analytics to differentiate and enhance their cloud business," said Khushboo Shah, Head of Cloudamize. "Now, The Instillery provides faster, more accurate services that facilitate an optimal customer experience and ultimately improve profitability."

After partnering with Cloudamize, The Instillery completed three projects in the time it previously took to complete one. Instead of spending countless hours manually discovering a client’s entire infrastructure, The Instillery can explore thousands of machines and their connections in a matter of weeks. This has enabled it to take on more projects and expand its client base. And when working with its clients, The Instillery can devote much more time to get to know a client’s business and organizational structure.

Through having valuable conversations with key stakeholders within organizations, The Instillery is able to build relationships with its clients that establish trust and give the engineers deeper insights into issues to address, decision-makers to engage, and the approach to the cloud that will be a best fit for the business. By focusing on clients’ needs and addressing their critical concerns about migration with Cloudamize’s precise data insights, The Instillery is able to give its once hesitant clients clear confidence in their move to the cloud.

"We’re very confident that we can send our brightest technical people into a conversation with any service owner, with any business owner, with any layer of management or stakeholder, and can engage in a commercial conversation around the outcomes that they’re looking for and then be able to relate that back to the discovery that’s taking place now," Jenkins added. "For us, I think that’s the biggest benefit of using Cloudamize."