Cloud Standards Customer Council Announces Version 3.0 of Security for Cloud Computing: Ten Steps to Ensure Success Whitepaper

January 4, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Cloud Standards Customer Council

The Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC), an end-user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud’s successful adoption, today published version 3.0 of its Security for Cloud Computing: Ten Steps to Ensure Success paper.

When considering a move to cloud computing, organizations must have a clear understanding of the potential security benefits and risks associated with cloud computing and be able to set realistic expectations with their cloud service providers. The heart of this guide is a list of ten steps designed to help decision-makers evaluate and compare security and privacy offerings from different cloud providers in key areas. The ten steps cover:

  • Security, privacy and data residency challenges relevant to cloud computing
  • Considerations that organizations should weigh when migrating data, applications, and infrastructure to a cloud computing environment
  • Threats, technology risks, and safeguards for cloud computing environments
  • A cloud security assessment to help customers assess the security capabilities of cloud service providers

The authors will host a complimentary webinar on January 10, 2018, from 11:00am – 12:00pm ET to introduce the guide. Event details are posted on the CSCC website at