Cloud Spectator Releases 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark for North America

February 23, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Cloud Spectator

Cloud Spectator, the industry leading IaaS benchmarking agency, today released its 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark Report. The report analyzes nearly 1.5 million data points collected over a twenty-four hour period to rank the leading ten Cloud Service Providers. Based on price and performance data, the Cloud Service Providers are ranked by the CloudSpecs Value Score™. The extensive study provides performance and stability results for CPU, Block Storage, and Memory for several virtual machine sizes.

Kenny Li, CEO of Cloud Spectator emphasizes that, "The 2017 report highlights considerable differences in price, performance and stability across the leading IaaS providers. More than ever, the enterprise consumer is at risk of significantly overspending when it comes to selecting the right cloud products and vendors. The 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark Report highlights the importance of testing individual cloud products and right-sizing applications before making major purchase decisions."


This report underscores the disparity in value within the IaaS market as defined by price and performance, debunking the notion that "all cloud offerings are the same." As the market demand for cost efficiency of the public cloud grows, enterprise buyers must be diligent in considering not only price but performance characteristics and right-sizing their infrastructure.

Tests were conducted in January 2017 and the ranking reveals a staggering difference in value of 7.7X between the highest value provider and the lowest value provider.

The Cloud Service Providers involved in the study included 1&1, Amazon Web Services, CenturyLink, Digital Ocean, Dimension Data, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OVH, RackSpace and SoftLayer.

Extensive analysis of current performance and pricing is available in the "Cloud Spectator 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark Report", the most comprehensive report of its kind for the IaaS industry.

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