Cloud Computing Takes Shape Over Wall Street

February 15, 2013 Off By David

Grazed from Investment Underground. Author: Susan Wright.

Cloud computing has made its way onto Wall Street. Firms on Wall Street are now adopting cloud computing practices. This new development follows the recent trends surrounding cloud computing as an increasing number of businesses, educational institutions and individuals are looking to the cloud for their data storage requirements. There are currently over 600 million cloud subscribers around the globe. The cloud computing market is expected to become a billion dollar industry within the next four years.

Hundreds of new firms have entered the cloud computing marketplace, and the competition has led to innovative ideas for storing data. One of these innovative new cloud computing firms is Navatar Group, which was founded in 2004 by Deloitte Consulting veterans, including Alok Misra. Navatar Group has geared its cloud solutions toward the financial sector. The company focuses on debt or equity capital markets, mutual funds, private equity, asset management and banking. Navatar Group works with leading financial institutions worldwide…

I recently had the chance to sit down with Alok Misra, founder of Navatar Group, to learn more about how the company was started and how it differentiates itself from the pack.

Tell us about yourself first. What is your management style? Where did you go to school and work in the past?

I think the only way any small company can compete with much larger firms is by offering a superior product and exceptional service. That requires motivating your team members to do extraordinary things and then empowering them to lead. That’s one of my main focus areas at Navatar – to groom the talent that will help us be the leader in our field…

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