Cloud Computing: Software Defined Data Center – Marketing or Meaty?

July 20, 2013 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from NetworkComputing.  Author: Tom Hollingsworth.

It seems like all IT hardware is now being defined by software. In the network, software defined networking (SDN) is a daily topic of debate. On the storage side, discussions about abstraction and programmability are starting to be lumped into the category of Software Defined Storage (SDS). And now a term is emerging to denote the convergence of all these things into something much bigger: the software defined data center (SDDC).

SDDC was coined by the former CTO of VMware, Dr. Steve Herrod. The first mention was at Interop 2012. Dr. Herrod was talking about the convergence of networking, storage, and server virtualization and how it would affect engineers and architects and change their vision of the data center…

The idea behind SDDC is fairly sound: resources become abstracted to run in software to provide consistent, repeatable deployment models. Orchestration and manageability are key. For this idea to provide maximum value, software abstraction must touch everything, not just switches or a SAN or servers. The entire data center construct must be programmable…

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