Cloud Computing: Secure-24 Obtains Cisco Premier Certified Partnership

August 14, 2012 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from PRWeb. Author: PR Announcement.

Secure-24 — a leading provider of cloud computing, application outsourcing and enterprise hosting services — announced today that it has been designated by Cisco Systems as a Premier Certified Partner.

Cisco’s certification requires a consistent level of product knowledge and technical expertise, along with use of Cisco’s network solutions. Secure-24 surpassed Cisco’s technical competency requirements in the integration of computing and security technologies…

Secure-24 provides highly available environments, expert management, and support for customers’ business critical applications. As a result of the certification, Secure-24 will have heightened access to Cisco tools, support, technical resources and world-class technical and product training.

“Cisco’s recognition validates the efforts we reach for our customers. From a hosting provider’s perspective, one of the most important things we can do for our customers is to make sure there is suitable scalability. Cisco UCS platforms does this for us clearly,” said Secure-24 Chief Operating Officer Volker Straub.

Secure-24 uses Cisco UCS as its virtualization platform for SAP and Oracle applications. Cisco UCS enables the flexibility for pre-provisioned systems, which is a platform advantage that allows consistency in deployment of applications, and it makes the delivery of the underlying architecture more simplistic, faster and reliable for Secure-24’s customers. Secure-24 uses Cisco’s Data Center Architecture 3.0 to deliver reliable, low-latency connectivity for over 150 clients with operations around the globe.

“If you look at cloud computing, one of the biggest aspects in the private cloud is the scalability of demand. We provide these hardware resources on demand. For example, a client may run through a certain load for the month, and the next month they need to increase the hardware resources. The UCS platform allows us to scale those resources and provide those to the client,” said Straub.

Secure-24 supports the global operations of mid-market companies and Fortune 100 enterprises in growing industry segments, including manufacturing, technology, consumer goods, chemicals, financial services, construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and transportation.