Cloud Computing-Savvy Companies Enjoy Greater Revenues And Speed, Survey Suggests

January 28, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Joe McKendrick.

At first, it’s all about cost savings — avoiding up-front fees, hardware costs, and ongoing maintenance and software upgrades. But looking beyond the operational concerns with cloud computing, things get much more interesting. Cloud really begins to shine when it becomes an enabler for increased business opportunities, and expanded horizons.

The challenge is measuring, or at least understanding, the gains. Incremental savings from moving an application off a local server to a cloud site are easy to capture and document. But how do you measure increased agility? How do you measure the ability to pivot to new business opportunities? How do you measure an increased capacity for innovation?…

These gains can’t be properly measured using traditional return on investment measures. The sole indicator is how a bundle of initiatives, supported through a forward-looking and visionary corporate culture, translates into increased revenues…

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