Cloud Computing: Future Startups Will Succeed Only If They Acknowledge These Harsh Realities

February 21, 2017 Off By Hoofer
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Grazed from Entrepreneur. Author: Dan Blacharski.

The dotcom boom of the 1990s was a glorious and wonderfully chaotic time. When it began, nobody really knew that there was such a thing going on as a “dotcom boom,” they just knew that there was something exciting and disruptive happening, and they wanted in. Only a very small handful of visionaries truly saw the full scope of what it was and how it would change the world.

There were a lot of things about that time that failed. A lot of companies burned out quickly, a lot of venture capital money went up in smoke and a lot of 20-year-olds found themselves on the unemployment line with nothing on their resume except “Dotcom CEO.” Yet, a lot of things went right too: The innovative spirit changed how we view and launch startups to this day…

Even though most of the companies didn’t last, the technology persisted and has made the world a better place. Today, we find ourselves in the same situation…

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