Cloud Computing: Defending Your Business Against Natural Disasters – A Look at Data Protection Solutions

December 26, 2016 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from TechFeatured. Author: Editorial Staff.

Business continuity is a vital aspect of consistent, reliable business operations. Many industries live and die by the uptime on their information technology resources. Banks and financial institutions rely on complex computer systems to execute and track orders, and those in the medical industry are required to keep meticulous records for compliance with record retention standards, just to name two examples.

Natural disasters can pose a threat to any industry that uses technology. As such, every industry should utilize data protection solutions and have an effective disaster recovery plan in place. Data protection solutions and disaster recovery plans should be aimed towards addressing hazards presented by natural and manmade disasters that are both large and small in scale…

While the mysterious hacker figure captures the attention of the media, malicious users are often the rarest type of hazard to impact business continuity and information technology resources…

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