Cloud computing decision guide: Breaking down 7 top solutions for healthcare

August 16, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from HealthcareIT News. Author: Gus Venditto

To help with your planning, this Healthcare IT News Cloud Computing Buyers guide looks at the top four IaaS providers, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM. A report from Synergy Research Group found that these platforms have over 60 percent of the public cloud market. (Amazon has the lion’s share with 33 percent share; the other three divide 27 percent of the market.) The market is far from stable, however; Microsoft and Google each achieved an annualized growth rate of 80 percent in the first quarter of 2017.

We also look at services from three companies who specialize in supporting healthcare providers with managed services: ClearData, CDW and VMware.

Shop carefully. “Read the fine print and really make sure you ask a lot of questions,” Snedaker says. “Don’t take a sales rep’s word for anything. Not to disparage sales reps, but if it’s not in the contract, it really doesn’t matter what the salesperson said.”


She also advises stress testing. “Get your team to think up all the very worst case scenarios they can think of and bounce them against the contract. Does it still hold up?“

Cloud computing has a clear advantage on the cost side. But healthcare IT managers know that cost is not the only priority. They have a special responsibility to deliver data reliably. And while cloud computing offers many advantages, it’s a big step and adequate planning is essential to ensure success.

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