Cloud-Based Tools for Creative Professionals

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Article Written by Avery Phillips

Tools are everything to the creative professional. What is a graphic designer without software to do their work? Or a writer without a computer or pen to write with? Although most people in creative industries have the basic tools they need to get the job done, there are plenty of other apps and software that will make doing what they love easier and more efficient.

However, with all the devices and programs marketed towards creative professionals, it can be hard to decipher which are useful and which are wastes of money. To make a more informed decision, creatives have to remember that they’re living in an increasingly connected and collaborative world.

With that in mind, cloud-based tools become the obvious choice. Not only do these applications provide top of the line tools to complete tasks, but they give the ability to share work in an instant. If that sounds good to you, check the tools below to optimize your creative business.


Every creative professional knows they’re only as good as their portfolio. A portfolio showcases your best work and shows potential clients what you’re capable of and the kind of work they can expect from you. In years past, it was necessary for creatives to bring a physical portfolio to every job interview. Thankfully, due to the advent of the internet and cloud-based technologies, burdensome portfolio cases are a thing of the past.

An app that’s been showing much promise in this area is Morpholio. This innovative portfolio app organizes work in an aesthetically pleasing manner as well as allows access to people to comment on work or add files of their own. Images can easily be shared and sketched over too when the client has edits. The app comes with printing options as well when you do want physical copies of your work.


Dropbox is an essential for most creative professionals. It’s free and makes sharing and editing files a breeze with others. You won’t have to worry about losing your files either if something ever happened to your computer, making it impossible to retrieve the originals.

All you have to do is create an account and you’re all set. At first you’ll start off with 2GB of storage space – which is usually more than enough – but you can increase it to 100GB by paying a monthly fee. Plus, it’s simple to use.        

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you’re a creative professional and don’t have Adobe Creative Cloud yet, it’s time to get a subscription now. Adobe software has become an industry standard, and most companies and clients will expect you to have some experience.

By moving Adobe software onto the cloud, it eliminated the possibility of faulty discs and having to buy new software every time a new upgrade became available. This is because upgrades are now included in Adobe memberships. It’s also handy that you don’t need an internet connection to use any of the programs.

However, if you want to sync certains settings and gain access to their online storage and Creative Cloud library, then you will need access to the internet. Although many people bemoan the expense of an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, there are plenty of subscription plans that are economical and useful to you and your creative endeavors.


Many people have trouble keeping paperwork organized, and creative professionals are no different. If you still keep paper copies of your documents, then it can truly be a nightmare trying to find something. This is where the cloud-based Evernote app can be of help.

First, to make things easier on yourself, you should transition to a paperless record storage system so that you can easily download and organize your digital files onto Evernote. You can even use this app to store and collect images, websites, and blogs that interest you so you can come back and look at them later.

You can create specific folders and find the files you need instantly no matter which device you’re using. That means no more needless searching of paperwork and URLs that you may or may not find. With Evernote, misplacing documents is a thing of the past.  

Google Drive

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox in that you can share and edit documents easily on the cloud. However, Google comes with a variety of other applications to help you make documents, spreadsheets, and presentations as well.

The ability to download files as different formats is another useful feature that’s beneficial in many creative industries. In addition, you never have to worry about forgetting a device at home. As long as you have internet connection, you can access a file from anywhere and any device.

Even if you’re not connected, there are offline options available so you can continue working. Collaboration is also made easy since you can send editable or view-only links of your documents. Google drive is another option to consider to backup important files also.   


A safe place to store your files and client information is on the top of most people’s lists. It’s hard to drum up business if potential customers don’t feel safe giving your their personal data. That’s where Mozy comes in.

Mozy is a file storage system on the cloud and it has all the bells and whistles when it comes to security. Stored documents are always encrypted and protected from malware such as ransomware. That way, the only people who will see your files are the people who you allow to.

Mozy easily syncs up to any device, so people can access the information they need as easily as possible. Scheduling backups is also a breeze, so you don’t have to worry about losing important documents due to technical difficulties.

Although a paint brush doesn’t make a painter an artist, it sure does help. In much the same way, cloud-based tools can help creative professionals do their jobs more effectively. The examples listed above are just a few recommendations to get you started. So choose wisely the next time your upgrade the tools of your trade.  


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