Building Customer Confidence and Trust in Your Business

March 5, 2018 Off By Hoofer
As a business, one of the most important things you need is the trust and confidence of your customers. If you cannot achieve that, then your company will struggle to retain the customers as you constantly have to acquire new ones, costing you more money than necessary. The only way that you can gain the trust of your customers is to show them that you can be relied upon to deal with them honestly and keep all their data safe. How can you start to build the confidence of your customers?

Be More Than Just Another Company

The first thing that you need to do to win over your customers is to behave more than just another cold faced company. Too many companies try to distance themselves from their customers instead of trying to relate to them. It can cause some customers to distrust big businesses and think that their priority is to make a sale and keep their customer’s money, regardless of whether their goods are worth it. It can be made worse if those same companies are not engaging especially with customer service, and it is important that you try to be as personable with your customers as possible. You need to answer questions and do what you can to help them. In your advertising, use the words "you" and "yours" more than "I" and "we," this will make you appear that you are talking to the individual.

Be Truthful to Your Customers

There will be some things that you won’t be able to tell your customers, but, when it comes to your advertising and dealing with your customer’s data and transactions, you need to be transparent. Your ads need to be honest; your customers won’t trust you if you promise one thing but offer another. The same applies to your customer’s data; you need to secure all your information and data carefully and show them just how important that data is to your company. One way you can do that is to use a secure server or online data center that can be monitored and protected. You can learn more about keeping data secure and minimizing loss by searching for companies that can do it for you.

Give Good Service All of the Time

It might sound simple, but it can often be the thing that companies overlook. They try so hard to build up their reputation and trust that they ignore the easiest way to achieve it. Make sure that you are always giving the best service to your customers that you possibly can, and if you don’t, then be sure to apologize. Customers are smart enough to know that things don’t always go smoothly, but it’s the way you deal with any problems that make all the difference. It is good service that will spread word of mouth about your company and attract new customers, more than any amount of advertising. It needs to be one of your company values, and the basis of your training to your staff.

Stand by Your Word

It is vital that what you promise your customers is backed up by honest action. If you promise your customers that your service is the best, then you need to make sure it is. Not everyone will be happy with the way you dealt with them, but you can still be quick with their case and honest about what you can do for them. Tell your customer service agents that they should do all they can to help the customer, even if it means it costs money to the company. For example, if your company has made a mistake, be honest about it instead of trying to cover it up. Offer the customer something as compensation such as a free product or gift vouchers.

Make it Easy to Complain

You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to complain if they wish. That means having telephone numbers and other contact details on your website. You also need to be able to take complaints via social media, email, and web chat. If someone complains via email or social media, make sure to reply to them as soon as possible; making them wait for compensation and a response will only anger them further, spurring them on to tarnish your name. Customers are more likely to talk about bad service on social media and to their friends than they are about good service. Therefore, employ a helpful and empathetic customer service team that’ll be effective in putting out fires before they’ve even started smoldering.   

Keep Communication High

One of the best ways that you can keep your customers confidence in your company high is to keep communicating. With many people now using social media, it is the perfect way to keep in touch with your customers and answer their questions. Be active on social media by often posting about your products and other things such as polls, competitions, and questions. You also need to make sure that you answer your customer’s questions quickly by having people monitoring the social media accounts. As well as social media, there are other ways you can keep communication high, with marketing.

Marketing Techniques

Effective marketing doesn’t just mean finding new customers; it also means telling existing customers about your successes and what you can do for them. Part of a good marketing campaign is drawing people into your company, and one of the best ways to do that is by customer recommendation. Ask your existing customers if they will give you an endorsement that you can use in your marketing and on your website. These types of endorsement are valuable to your company because they have come from the people using your service. You should also make sure that any claims you make are easy to prove. For example, if you say that you are the best roofing company in your area, then you need proof to back that up.

Running a company isn’t easy, but there are things you can do that will make it easier for you and your staff. An honest and open company that listens to its customers and take criticism on board will be trusted and respected.