Boosting Wi-Fi and Internet Connection in the Office

Boosting Wi-Fi and Internet Connection in the Office

December 21, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Running a smooth business these days requires an adequate virtual infrastructure that supports efficient work. Having a fast tie to the internet, especially in the IT industry, is imperative for better results, higher profits, and a solid community reputation. Check out these helpful tips for boosting Wi-Fi and internet connection in the office.

Eliminate Simple Issues

Often, the factors causing a log-jam in internet connection are entirely avoidable and can be quickly resolved. Before investing in new gear or spending hours setting up the proper infrastructure, do a simple spot check and look for any simple fixes.

For starters, a quick reset of your modem and router allows devices to update their software and repair broken connections more effectively. Look around the office for any tech that’s choking up your Wi-Fi’s capacity, like automated office assistants (such as Alexa), old computers, or even smart televisions. These devices should be turned off when not in use, leaving internet connection more open for employees.

Provide the Best Equipment

You’ve done your office inspection, made some quick fixes, but your Wi-Fi still lags and causes issues for your employees—what’s the next step? You may need to invest in better quality equipment that’s more capable of providing adequate working conditions. Routers that offer multiple networks such as guest and 5G are better at delivering fast connections, as employees’ internet use is separated from each other and clients across multiple Wi-Fi options.

Mixing in fiber optic cable for direct connectivity, especially for IT employees working close to the source, makes speeds far faster in various office areas. When picking out your devices, understand the critical differences between LAN and WAN, and pick the right equipment for your business’s size and needs.

Place With Purpose

Wi-Fi is a fantastic advancement in technology, and for many people, its powers are almost magical. Unfortunately, simple obstacles quickly impact the performance of internet connections, as Wi-Fi’s biggest enemies are walls, doors, and building materials. If your office layout is jagged and full of corner walls, your connection issue is more due to the blockage of waves. Place your equipment strategically around the office to avoid “dark spots.”

Boosting your Wi-Fi and internet connection in the officeis the best way to ensure efficient and effective work from yourself and your employees. Many of these fixes are simple and affordable, so don’t neglect the most important aspect of your business.