BlueBridge and Bluemile Join to Optimize Cloud Computing Platform

August 2, 2011 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from  Author: Shamila Janakiraman.

Cleveland-based BlueBridge Networks a provider of data center services announced a multimillion-dollar joint investment with Columbus-based Bluemile, Inc. to offer the most robust, scalable and secure cloud computing platform.

Michael Marlowe, Bluemile President and co-founder, said in a release, “We are delivering a service based on our client’s demand. You pay for what you use, which makes our customization scalable. When our clients’ needs change, we change with them.”…

BlueBridge is a provider of data center services like work group recovery, virtualization, cloud computing and managed services. It is expected that this joint venture will enhance service delivery for companies and organizations.

Bluemile provides premium cloud solutions through its virtual data center besides several other networking and hosting solutions. Although cloud computing is not a new concept the enhanced offering is unique as it uses multiple facilities to ensure geographic diversity and optimum security in times of emergency thereby optimizing and securing cloud computing.

Kevin Goodman, Managing Director of Business Development and a partner with BlueBridge Networks remarked that only companies like Verizon (News Alert) offer this type of service.

Also BlueBridge customers will benefit a lot from the multiple-facility concept as it creates more ability for robust telecommunications and disaster-recovery and has greater business-continuity capabilities.

Goodman added, “The fully compliant, redundant and secure Cleveland and Columbus facilities allow for geographic and power grid diversity.”

The adoption of Bluemile solutions translates to optimum cloud computing services for businesses and organizations. The BlueBridge Cloud, powered by Bluemile will lend support to regional technology advancement and economic development.

Jamie Busic, CEO and co-founder of Bluemile stated, “Bluemile is the virtual aspect, network, bandwidth, cloud, and hosting environment. BlueBridge is a platform for the delivery of Bluemile solutions.”

BlueBridge Networks serves clients like Cleveland Metropolitan Schools, Olympic Steel and Southwest General Hospital.

Recently Bluemile, Inc. announced plans to deploy NBS (NewsAlert)-5200 Network Border Switch in its voice network in order to attract new customers and create a more secure environment in the IXC/Wireless/Cable and CLEC space for its existing customers.