Blue Hexagon Expands Vertical Market Reach, Securing Multi-Cloud Platforms with Deep Learning Threat Detection

June 10, 2022 0 By Hoofer
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Blue Hexagon announced the successful deployment of Blue Hexagon Cloud Security in several vertical markets, including eCommerce, energy, healthcare, insurance and others. The significance of these key industries ignites the accessibility of cloud security on a large-scale level to markets worldwide.

Blue Hexagon offers security solutions to protect the most vulnerable and sensitive data businesses possess. Blue Hexagon’s cloud security spans network, datastores, accounts, subscriptions and instances of an entire cloud infrastructure, providing a comprehensive range of security protection.

Using Blue Hexagon to defend multi-cloud surfaces, Centrica, a leading energy service and solutions company, was able to secure their entire multi-cloud infrastructure from day one.

“Deploying Blue Hexagon’s Cloud Security solution for AWS and Azure with just a few clicks, in a matter of minutes, across multiple AWS and Azure subscriptions, was a game-changer or our security team,” said Mark Wootton, Head of Threat and Vulnerability Management, Centrica. “We have a complex environment with many controls, and Blue Hexagon team worked with us on integration with existing solutions including Secure Web Gateways and integrated SIEM. With their engineering team, together made sure all the security finds were tightly integrated with our SIEM platform. I have rarely seen this level of competency and engagement effort from a vendor.”

By deploying Blue Hexagon’s Deep Learning Powered Threat Detection and Response (Cloud NDR) platform, Narvar, a Post-Purchase Customer Experience Platform, was able to secure their cloud-native environments, thwart zero-day threats and prevent operational downtime. With the cloud-native architecture being ideal for speed, scale and portability, it also poses challenges for visibility and risk management, until Blue Hexagon.

“We handle more than seven billion interactions every year for 125 million consumers in 38 countries, and those numbers have been rising exponentially since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic,” says Ram Ravichandran, CTO, Narvar. “Securing the cloud infrastructure is paramount for business continuity, and we realized we needed to deploy a security solution that can scale with our operations without creating any disruptions or delays in how consumers interact with their favorite retail brands.”