Alteryx Deepens Partnership with Google Cloud to Create Seamless Analytics Experience

Alteryx Deepens Partnership with Google Cloud to Create Seamless Analytics Experience

August 31, 2023 Off By David

Alteryx, Inc. is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to provide Looker Studio users with native access to a free limited version of Alteryx Designer Cloud’s AI-powered data preparation capabilities and enhanced connectivity. This new integration builds on Alteryx and Google Cloud’s commitment to make it easier for customers to surface critical insights for decision-makers in a timely manner, resulting in actions that can improve business outcomes.   

“With businesses under more pressure to get value from technology investments, Alteryx, in partnership with Google, is minimizing the friction in the analytics process so enterprises can gain more accurate insights much faster than before,” said Kate Wright, senior director, product management at Google. “Deepening our partnership with Alteryx will help deliver seamless data preparation and powerful insights from one interface, making it easier for our customers to achieve even more breakthrough innovations with their data.”    

The new Alteryx Designer Cloud and Looker Studio integration will initially provide users enhanced cloud connectivity to Excel and CSV files and storage platforms like Sharepoint and OneDrive. Users will also be able to efficiently transform data and improve data quality using Designer Cloud’s data preparation capabilities, allowing them to prep their data up to 10 times faster, and leading to greatly improved decision intelligence.   

Further, Designer Cloud’s intuitive self-service interface enables non-technical workers with functional domain knowledge to prepare their own data as part of their process of building data visualizations. The free version of Designer Cloud available on Looker Studio will have limited features with the option to upgrade to the full Designer Cloud experience.    

“In today’s macroeconomic environment, time to insight is key to thriving and gaining competitive advantage,” said Alteryx’s Adam Wilson, senior vice president and general manager of Alteryx Analytics Cloud. “Alteryx provides Looker Studio’s millions of monthly active users with access to critical new data sources and saves them a significant amount of time by cleaning up their data in just a few clicks. They’ll be able to increase their productivity by automating the refinement of raw data and the blending of diverse sources to create new data products that will drive key business initiatives.”   

This integration expands on Alteryx and Google Cloud’s partnership, which includes Google Cloud Dataprep, an intelligent cloud data service that processes more than 1.4 million jobs each month.   

“Alteryx and Google Cloud have a strong relationship rooted in improving the most time-consuming portion of the analytics process as identified in our research: data preparation,” said David Menninger, SVP and research director at Ventana Research. “By bringing Excel connectivity and native data preparation capabilities of Designer Cloud to Looker Studio, Alteryx and Google Cloud are giving users powerful end-to-end analytics from one interface. This is incredibly valuable at a time when dynamic environments and market conditions are forcing business leaders to make more strategic decisions at lightning speed.”