A Convergence Of Market Forces Makes 2017 The Year Of Cloud Adoption

April 13, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from MBTMag. Author: Lisa Pope.

This is the year when cloud deployment will dominate industry news. Signs point to it, from industry trends to forecasts from analysts, media pundits and software experts. Cloud deployment is the must-have starting place for new technologies. Plus, it provides the agility that is so necessary to remain competitive. It’s simply the logical deployment choice for today’s manufacturing landscape. Let’s look closer at the top twelve driving factors converging around this topic, making 2017 the year for cloud deployment.

1. Overcoming Reluctance

In the early years of new millennium, cloud deployment was shrouded in misconceptions and haunted by myths that were, at times, more emotion-based than fact-based. Change is frequently worrisome to an organization, causing resistance and uncertainty. Users were often reluctant to give up functionality that was deeply entrenched in their processes…

Veteran IT directors were proud of the highly modified systems they had built. Understandably so. Those early objections, though, are giving way to a better understanding of the benefits and acknowledgment that change is critical to growth. Acceptance follows…

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