9 Essential Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Growth

October 2, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Running a business is anything but easy. You must have a unique idea in a profitable niche, and you must also define and sell it to a target audience. Once you have identified your USP and narrowed down your demographic, you’ll then want to generate as many leads as possible for your business. Fortunately, the right marketing campaign can help your business to do so. Read the nine essential marketing strategies to boost your business growth.

1.    Website Design

Your website is the front door to your business. It should therefore be the biggest priority out of all your marketing efforts. Not only must it be visually appealing, but it must also have a fast uptime and a superb user experience. It’s important to turn to a web development specialist, such as coolblueweb, who have the knowledge and experience to create an attractive, easy-to-use website for your brand.

2.    Social Media Marketing

No modern business can afford to ignore social media. In fact, many companies are running successful companies using social media alone. While the platforms can be a little intimidating for beginners, they can transform your business for the better.

Any brand serious about growing their business and increasing their conversion rate must create a social media presence. If you don’t know where to start, you should consider hiring an experienced social media manager to do the hard work for you. They can create and publish unique posts that will engage with your demographic, drive web traffic, and boost your conversions. Strive to create compelling, relevant, and authentic social media posts that allow people to learn more about your brand, business, and industry.

3.    Video Tutorials

Spread the good word about your business by creating video tutorials. Step-by-step tutorials are becoming increasingly popular, as they can teach users useful tips and facts, which can improve their knowledge and lifestyle. It’s an excellent way to increase your online visibility and generate leads. Upload a unique video onto social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to increase engagement. You should also incorporate the videos across your website. Don’t forget to incorporate your logo and website into every video tutorial you create.

4.    Content Marketing

Blogging is one of the best marketing tactics for businesses of all sizes. Yet, many companies fail to regularly update their website with fresh articles, which are ideal for lead generation and improved conversion rates. You must continually add fresh blogs to keep your website fresh while increasing your online presence and brand awareness.

However, you must look beyond your website’s blog to grow your business. Start posting content on LinkedIn or high-authority websites to increase your domain authority, drive traffic to your website and improve your online credibility. Avoiding posting thin content that will bring next to no benefit to the reader, and instead publish articles that offer value without revealing all your industry secrets.

5.    Search Engine Optimization

Many business owners are unnecessarily frightened of search engine optimization (SEO). Yet, it can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business. You must, however, take the time to learn and perform SEO the right way to yield fruitful results for your business. Never embark on black-hat techniques to trick Google because their algorithm is too smart for your underhand tactics, and it will result in penalization.

White-hat SEO tactics include naturally incorporating keywords across your website, which means avoiding keyword stuffing. You must also strive to write compelling, insightful content for web users, while optimizing each post for the search engines.

6.    Email Marketing

The best email marketing campaigns will follow the customer journey. For example, they will send a welcome email when they sign-up to a newsletter, an order confirmation when they buy a product and a reminder of an abandoned item in their shopping cart. The messages not only send relevant content straight into a subscriber’s inbox, but they can also allow your company to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds, as you can send them a birthday discount or a coupon to welcome them back to your business.

Email marketing automation can also naturally follow the customer journey, and you can utilize segmentation to separate your customers by their age, gender, location, interests, and behaviors. As a result, you’ll only send content that matches your subscribers’ interests and needs. So, if you have yet to try email marketing to grow your business, there is no time like the present.

7.    Influencer Marketing

Do you want to quickly grow your brand? Influencer marketing can help to effectively build a strong audience that would ordinarily take years to build. All you need to do is discover the right influencer, who will spread the right message to the right audience. You also don’t need to turn to a social influencer with millions of followers, either. Micro-influencers with tens of thousands of followers could be all it takes to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and strengthen your brand, which could determine your online success.

8.    Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can significantly improve your business growth. It will, however, take a great deal of hard work to reach the right partners, so you must be persistent in your efforts. If you want large affiliates to take your business seriously, you must have a good conversion rate. You should build an affiliate program before contacting potential affiliates who can help grow your brand.

9.    Facebook Ads

Once you have mastered organic social media marketing, you should embark on a Facebook ads campaign. The paid promotional posts allow you to reach a specific audience in a select timeframe. For example, you can target an advertisement to your demographic’s age, gender, location, relationship status and interests, plus more. It can therefore help to improve your engagement, drive web traffic, boost brand recognition and increase sales.

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