7 Signs Your Startup Needs A Full-Time DevOps

7 Signs Your Startup Needs A Full-Time DevOps

May 12, 2021 Off By David

It will be overwhelming to create a startup especially right now. It can be very competitive. A lot of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Some people have taken this as a sign to start their dreams. They would like to create their own startup company. This is easier said than done.

There are so many things that you have to think about. There are a lot of things that you need to pay attention to. Even finding a DevOps professional is highly important. You need all the help that you can get to make your small business flourish.

What is a DevOps Engineer?

Having a good DevOps engineer will be very helpful for your startup. You need to invest in the right engineer. There are going to be so many factors that you have to think about. A DevOps engineer works in developing and deploying everything that is related to software and IT operations.

They will make sure that they are going to release updates efficiently. They will also make sure that proper collaboration will take place at all times. If there are gaps between software and IT operations, they would need to bridge those gaps. They would usually need a highly efficient IT operations staff to help them out.


Why is it Important to Hire A DevOps for Your Startup?

You know that in creating a startup, you need to make sure that you will have a high chance of winning. A lot of startups will not reach the success point. Some of them will close down before people may even remember the name of what they have started.

This is exactly why you should consider investing in DevOps the moment that you decide to create your startup. You would need to automate everything related to building, creating, monitoring, and even experimenting with things. When you hire a DevOps, you have a lesser chance of wasting anything. You will be able to spend your time doing more fruitful things.

You need to hire DevOps engineers when you are just starting. What is the role of DevOps engineerto improve your startup? Plus, should you hire them full-time?

7 Signs That Your Startup Needs A Full-Time DevOps Engineer


The popularity of DevOps has increased steadily over the past years. Some businesses may need it while others can forego using it temporarily. How will you know if this is something that you need? You need to be aware of the DevOps engineer responsibilities to be sure.

These are some signs that you need to look for:

  1.  You are very particular about making sure that the software that you have is maintained properly. At the same time, you also like creating new versions. Can you imagine if you are not a techie and you are going to do this on your own? It will make everything more complicated.
  2.  You would like to increase the productivity of your staff. One thing that you can do is to make the different processes more automated. For this, you may need a DevOps engineer. The DevOps engineer will make sure that the different processes can be easier to do and accomplish.
  3.  There are some cloud features that you feel will be able to help your business. For example, fault tolerance can be accessed with the help of the right DevOps engineer. Having configurable security can also be possible with the use of the right DevOps engineer.
  4.  If you would like Continuous Integration, you know that you would get new code results that will build new things. Automated testing will also be a result of this.
  5.  This is also a need if you would like to do Continuous Deployment. This means that you are going to have automatic upgrades to the software that you are using. Take note that this will only be effective on the software that is running on servers.
  6.  Another reason is that you would like to make sure that there are different servers that you are running effectively. The servers can be physical or virtual in nature.
  7.  Probably one of the most important signs that you need a DevOps engineer is if you know that your startup will fail tremendously when downtime occurs. Downtime may happen because of different reasons. Hiring the right remote DevOps engineer will reduce the chances of this happening.

Cost of Hiring DevOps Engineers

You have already learned the signs that will help you know if you need to hire DevOps engineers or not. Now you need to know how much DevOps engineer salary is. There will be differences depending on where you would choose to hire. Usually, hiring remote employees will be better. They can be paid for every hour that they spend working. Plus, their costs are going to be lower. Before you realize it, you can build a whole DevOps team that will provide the DevOps processes that your startup needs.

There are some DevOps engineers that you can find online. They will be available on various websites. You can just check their profiles there. You may also get the recommendations of other people who have hired DevOps engineers in the past.


It is true that being a DevOps engineer is a highly paid job. This means that if you are searching for one or you are searching for a whole team, be prepared to splurge. Most startup business owners say that this has been essential for them. The chances that this will be helpful for you are great too. Consider all of the things that are mentioned above so you can make your decision.




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