5 SaaS Marketing Efforts That One Shouldn’t Miss for 2020

5 SaaS Marketing Efforts That One Shouldn’t Miss for 2020

February 26, 2020 Off By Hoofer

Looking for a proven-method or a cookie cutter solution to improve your SaaS marketing efforts in a hassle-free manner?

We have to admit, a million-dollar question! Well, good news folks! We have a solution at hand.

The software development realm has become too crowdie these days. A plethora of automated AI tools are available for every single need, literally! Further speaking about these tools, Software as a service (SaaS) is pretty much in vogue. And certainly, all this is for some reason!

As a crucial aspect of cloud computing, its software distribution model where the customer can access apps by both ways online and through third-party providers. No matter how techie or complicated it seems, but knowingly or unknowingly we do use SaaS products in our day to day lives. For example, if you’re emailing your boss or app streaming your favorite playlist for the 90’s on the beach. There are so many tools and platforms available of SaaS marketing, some of which deserve attention, while others do not. I know it might feel a bit overwhelming but hang on, we have a solution for you.

Google Analytics– One of my most favorite tools that offer freemium web analytics service. If you want to measure your website’s traffic stats, gain adequate audience insights or analyze its performance, the tool provides everything! Featuring detailed funnel visualization techniques, the tool works for both websites and mobile and summarizes accurate data on the dashboard. In addition to this, one can generate desirable reports using their preferred filters depending on how much to-the-point information they want.

The most interesting part is the tool has the potential to load JavaScript files of any size from the webserver. As soon as a user starts browsing his website, the code is automatically loaded and collects relevant data from the browser.

HootSuite- Are you looking for a social relationship platform? The platform incorporates features like executing engaging and resourceful social media strategies across several online platforms. Now carrying out marketing campaigns, search and build an audience and engage them with their content on multiple social media channels.

Content can be scheduled via desktop, web and mobile platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and so forth. In addition, you can easily track all of your comments and mentions and respond immediately without logging in separately to all of your social media accounts.

LeadFuze- Another lead prospecting tool worth taking into account is LeadFuze. It incorporates a huge suite of powerful built-in tools allowing you to prospect using a wide assortment of parameters and filters.

The prospects can be searched by location, role, industry, company size and so forth. Also, here you get to search for technologies, for example, look for companies who use technologies like CRMs analytics or marketing automation tools. Tons of prospects can be found anywhere, but one feature I certainly love the most is the ability to filter leads by incorporating only those people who have a known email address.

And the best part here is, you don’t always require to keep coming back to the tool that creates new prospect lists. All you require doing is automated.

Databox– Trying to take a real-time snapshot can certainly be a pain in the ass and that’s why another interesting software development model is at your service. Created with an objective to offer awesome, seamless work, Databox allows you to connect virtually all your data sources to a beautifully designed dashboard system. Also, you can give a real-time view of your performance. Try connecting with Google Adwords, Facebook, SalesForce, Shopify, HubSpot, Wistia, Zapier, and Instagram and see the magic by yourself.

BuzzSumo- Are you wishing for a one-stop solution in regards to Search Engine Optimization? BuzzSumo offers its users a full picture of the competitive environment around them. Everything you need to recognize how content works in all web avenues and the BuzzSumo method is something that you can make the most of!

Take any domain into account, analyze it and see which posts are shared the most. Also, try finding key influencers who can be contacted as soon as your content has been published. Including getting accurate information about writers, domain and more to searching for user interaction, sharing shares, searching for social backlinks and the list continues.


As I said, there are a plethora of tools available, choosing and using the right one to manage projects will take you places.


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Herman Morgan is working as Tech Analyst at Tatvasoft.com.au. A custom Software and web development company in Australia who specialized in how to develop better customer relationships and earn revenue online.