5 Reasons to Consider Cloud Hosting for Your Next Website

May 3, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Cloud hosting is an innovative form of hosting that is taking the internet world by storm.  The servers used in cloud hosting can be scaled up on demand, making it very easy for websites to take advantage of additional server space as they grow.  Cloud websites also tend to be fast to load because of the way they are hosted.  If you have been looking into the hosting options for your next website, take a look at the below reasons why cloud hosting is a good choice.

1. It’s Affordable

When cloud hosting first appeared, it was an expensive solution.  However, like most things that get popular, the price has decreased making it affordable for most business owners.  Cloud hosting is now similar in price to traditional shared hosting, but offers many more benefits.  So, whether you are hosting a large business forum, or a casino affiliate WordPress theme, it should be within your budget.

2. It’s Reliable

When you host your website on a traditional server, you are basically relying on that server to remain stable.  If the server goes down, your website goes down.  This can have huge implications for e-commerce stores, and even general websites.  Because cloud hosting basically involves hosting your website on numerous servers, there is a much smaller chance of downtime.  One server going down won’t automatically mean your site also goes down.

3. It’s Fast

Although technically speaking, the cloud is no faster or slower than a normal webhost, the reason websites hosted on the cloud load faster is because of geography.  Cloud hosting functions very much like a CDN, and hosts your site in multiple locations around the globe.  Anyone living in one of these locations will have much faster access to your site.  This is something that is especially noticeable during traffic spikes.

4. It’s Simple to Use

Along with becoming more affordable, cloud hosting has also become simpler to work with.  Many of the most popular hosting companies provide packages with panels very similar to what you would get were you to use traditional shared hosting.  This means you don’t need to have any specific tech skills to make use of it. 

5. It’s Scalable

Finally, the cloud is scalable.  This means that as your website grows, you can easily upgrade the amount of server space you need.  There are no limits, and there won’t be any limitations imposed as you reach your bandwidth limits – something which a lot of websites hosted traditionally struggle with.  If you’re only planning to host a small personal blog, traditional hosting is fine, but if you have dreams of growing your website and increasing your traffic, hosting it in the cloud from the start is the ideal option.

The cloud may not have even existed a decade ago, but it is now something that is truly changing the way we work online.  These five benefits are all great reasons to host your website on the cloud!