5 Major Pieces of Technology No Hotel Should Do Without in 2019

5 Major Pieces of Technology No Hotel Should Do Without in 2019

April 1, 2019 0 By Hoofer

Today, more and more hotels are integrating state-of-the-art technology like smart televisions and virtual concierge apps. If you’re interested in these technologies, too, then start with the ones listed below. They’re the tech most likely to make an impact in the hospitality industry this year.

Tablet and Mobile Computers

A lot of hotels nowadays provide tablets and mobile computers to their guests. Not only do these devices provide hospitality services to customers more efficiently than desk computers, but they can also make the hotel job easier for staff members. Take the cleaning staff for instance. By providing them with tablets, they’ll be able to more accurately map out the rooms that needed to be cleaning or repairs.

Wearable Technology

Wearables are one of the newer forms of technologies currently on the rise this 2019. And if used right, they can also prove very valuable to the hospitality industry. Consider the smartwatch as an example. Capable of various applications, they can help hotel management and their guests better supervise their time and expenses within the grounds. Additionally, these watches can be implanted with small NFC chips that can serve as passes for guests to get into restaurants and spas. The management, in turn, can use these to enter areas reserved only for staff and security.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based computing is also a technology that’s currently making waves at the hospitality industry. There are even cases where they outsource these services. For example, certain tech companies in Kansas City managed IT services for various hotels in the city and elsewhere. One of the advantages cloud can bring in hotels is that it can house data more efficiently. It offers a great alternative to physically storing and maintaining physical documents or hard drives safely. Hotel management can also use cloud to log-in guests, provide billing, and present other amenities.

Bandwidth Technology

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices really know how to suck internet bandwidth. So it really shouldn’t be too surprising that 2019 sees hotels adopting the latest bandwidth technology available. With most hotel guests bringing their devices with them, it would be best for your hotel to be able to make sure they have a stable and reliable internet connection. By ensuring this, you’ll be able to give them an enjoyable and pleasant stay.

Social Listening

Word of mouth and online reviews can influence a hotel’s reputation. However, most guests prefer not speaking directly with the management, even if they have a lot to say about their stay. By using social listening tools, however, hotel managers would be able to know more about their guests, their needs, suggestions, complaints, and what-not. And since we live in the digital age where information is readily available, hotels can also use these social listening tools to observe their competition.

Technology Will Change Hotels

Hotels long ago are pretty straightforward when it comes to providing quality hospitality services. If you’re away from home, they can offer you a place to stay. However, with new technologies being introduced in hotels across the globe, you can rest assured that they will drastically transform the hospitality industry.


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