4 Ways Cloud Computing Resembles Human Resource Management

December 28, 2016 Off By Hoofer

As online business has become increasingly centered around cloud computing, many analysts have begun drawing the comparison between human resources and server resources. After all, both are integral assets that facilitate mission-critical tasks for companies of all sizes, and both need to be managed properly in order to achieve optimal results. However, studying for a masters in business administration online is enough to make anyone realize that the similarities actually go much further than meets the eye. With that said, here are four ways that cloud computing administration resembles the management of human resources in business:

1. Distributing Workload Evenly for Maximum Productivity

Managing employees in a physical workspace is a lot like managing server partitions in a digital environment, because the goal is always to optimize efficiency, mitigate risk, and prevent unnecessary delays. In cloud computing, a variety of software platforms work together to accommodate a high volume of requests and tasks, and all of this is overseen by a server administrator. Earning an MBA degree online taught me that an HRM specialist essentially does the same thing as a server administrator, except with humans and physical tasks.

2. Facilitating Efficient Remote Collaboration

The cloud is all about collaboration, and so is the HRM department in any large corporation where the goal is to mobilize and equip a workforce. If you really think about what goes on inside the workings of a data center, it becomes apparent that the same strategies and techniques are used in almost every office building.

3. Determining Appropriate Task Allocation and Assignment

Another important aspect of managing human resources is choosing the right people for the job, and in many ways this same challenge is faced by server administrators who have to select specific software and hardware configurations for the tasks at hand. For obvious reasons, selecting the right worker or digital asset and putting it to work as quickly as possible is a key part of the job description for both IT and HRM specialists.

4. Helping the Company Operate More Effectively as a Whole

Ultimately, cloud computing is meant to increase the efficacy of online endeavors of all kinds, and the field of HRM is designed to provide a similar outcome in offline efforts. By expediting networking and communication and assisting in ideal task delegation, HRM supervisors and cloud IT professionals essentially play the same role in different areas of the company. This is why many companies look to hire employees with technical skill sets when building a team in their HRM department.

Drawing the Line Between Man and Machine

As we move closer towards the reality of digitally enhanced humans and machines with superb artificial intelligence, there’s going to come a point when machine resources and human resources are managed by the same department and fall under the same field of study. When that happens, and it will, we’re going to see corporations expressing strong favoritism towards prospective employees who have the credentials needed to prove their proficiency in business and server administration.