4 Tips for Improving Safety in a Data Center

4 Tips for Improving Safety in a Data Center

February 17, 2023 Off By David

It’s important to remain safe in any workplace, and data centers have potential hazards that may put someone at risk of injury. But some actions can help data center technicians stay safe as they handle the information that flows through their devices. Read on to find some helpful tips to improve safety in data centers.

Ensure Fire Prevention Systems Are Up-to-Date

Fire prevention is a must-have in a data center, as various hazards may start a fire. The devices in the center will run hot after prolonged use due to their continuous processing. As a result, they can sometimes overheat and spark a fire.

Ensure smoke detectors function properly and that your staff has the training to handle electrical fires safely. Fire extinguishers should be in multiple corners of the room and be easy to access for technicians.

Prioritize Cable Safety

Cables will run throughout the data center to connect and power devices, which may present tripping hazards for workers. Cable management is a priority when you want to improve safety in the data center and ensure devices don’t get damaged if someone trips over a cable.

Discretely running the cables with a backbone or horizontal cabling will be the best option. Understanding the difference between the backbone and horizontal cabling will help you create a safer environment for data technicians. It’ll also help them easily move around the data center without worrying about stepping on a cable.

Have Mandatory Safety Inspections

Safety inspections are great for ensuring people follow safety protocols in your data center. Having the chance of an inspection will motivate technicians to keep the data center safe and clean so that there aren’t any negative marks on a report. Surprise inspections will be the most effective, as employees won’t know when the inspection will occur. This will prompt them to stay on their toes and ensure everything is up to code.

Ensure More Than One Person Does Heavy-Lifting

The devices in a data center may have more heft than one person has the strength to handle. And it’s always safer to perform physical tasks in a team. Ensuring at least two people remain in the data center during a shift will ensure someone else is around to help with any heavy lifting. Servers, racks, and computers need proper care to prevent them from falling and breaking, and moving them with the help of another person will prevent overexertion injuries.

Your data center is an important hub of essential data, and it should be as safe for workers as it is for the technology. Implement these safety measures to help technicians do their job with safety as a priority. This way, they won’t have any accidents and will perform their jobs with minimal risk.