4 Industries That Can Truly Benefit From The Cloud

March 28, 2018 Off By Hoofer
The cloud, a virtual space where programs, documents, and other information is stored safely, is becoming more and more widespread. Many companies can use it, but it is particularly useful for some industries which can use the cloud to streamline their processes, giving their customers a better service and optimizing profits. The following industries are examples of this new way of working. 


Being able to make a profit in the hotel industry is becoming harder as time goes on due to cost comparison websites that show customers how to get a better deal. It means that this particular industry needs to come up with innovative ways to increase their customers’ satisfaction while reducing their outgoings. The cloud can help the hotel industry with this by allowing individual hotels to keep in touch with other pricing structures in real time and adjusting their own accordingly. 


Education has to keep up with the rest of the world, and even be an early adopter of some of the newest technology. If the education sector doesn’t do this, how will children and young adults ever be able to learn enough to be able to find a good job when they graduate? It is essential, therefore, that schools and colleges use the cloud to their advantage, which they do. 

The cloud can be used to store student information and results so that they are easily accessed when required. This information can be stored for many years, perhaps even indefinitely, which can help the student when it comes to applying for jobs or graduate degrees as well since they can simply link to their school’s details on them. 

By banding together, schools can use the cloud to create a central depository for information so that all children have access to the knowledge forming content they need. 


By using something like Superdesk open source newsroom software, newsrooms can collate accurate information quickly and succinctly, making their news report and articles much easier to put together. Not only this, but it means that the journalists themselves don’t have to be in a central office of the newsroom. They can be out in the field finding new and interesting stories, and they can file their reports online, uploaded to the cloud, whenever they need to. In this era of 24-hour news, it means there is no downtime and no matter where or when a story breaks, someone can get the information to the people who need it as quickly as possible. 

Real Estate

If a real estate agent has a portfolio of properties to sell or rent it can become difficult to keep everything organized, especially when half of their time is spent out of the office. It’s important to be able to quickly retrieve a file, add notes (such as who is going to view and when and what their opinion was), and keep everyone involved up to date with what is happening on the move. This is why cloud-based technology is useful for this sector because every aspect of a home sale can be updated remotely in real time saving a lot of work and effort at a later date.