3 Ways to Expand Your Packaging and Shipping Business

3 Ways to Expand Your Packaging and Shipping Business

August 4, 2021 Off By Hoofer
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These days, there are very few businesses out there that don’t make use of shipping and transport services in order to get their products from point A to point B. With a massive surge in online purchases as a result of the global pandemic, more and more businesses are looking to expand to online platforms and new markets by shipping their goods to new areas.

Because of these facts, you might assume that your packaging and shipping business is in for some natural expansion. While you will likely see a fair amount of natural growth as a result of the expansion in this industry, you will need to be prepared to put in the work to find more customers and expand your business.

If your current goals with your shipping business involve finding new customers for expansion, here are three things that you should consider doing.

1. Check Out Load Boards

One useful tool that you have at your disposal when you are looking to expand your packaging and shipping business is something called a load board. While you might not have considered using load boards previously, they can prove to be highly effective in generating more business for your company.

Load boards allow you to ensure that your truck loads are never lacking and are always full, helping you to make the most out of each delivery you make. You can check out a load board for your purposes at https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads.

2. Encourage Reviews and Referrals

Shipping is one of those industries wherein, to find success, you have to be able to build complete trust between yourself and your customers. Clients look to you to safely and efficiently ship their products to various locations. For this reason, it can be difficult to generate new business. New customers might be wary of working with a company they have never done business with before.

This is where positive customer reviews and referrals can come in handy. By encouraging your satisfied customers to leave you positive reviews online and on your website and to give out referrals to others looking to ship similar goods and products, you can see substantial growth in your business.

If you have customers who aren’t exactly satisfied with your services and are thus not interested in leaving you reviews or giving out referrals, try to get to the bottom of the matter by requesting feedback from those customers. By improving your business in this way, you can generate more positive word of mouth.

3. Evaluate Your Rates

With so much development in the packaging and shipping industry, if you have not yet taken the time to evaluate your rates, you should look to do so in the near future. There is always going to be competition in this industry, but recent events have led to a surge in that competition.

While your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to undercut the competition in your area, you might be able to effectively expand your business by offering more competitive prices.