3 Vulnerabilities in Your Network That Hackers Will Exploit

3 Vulnerabilities in Your Network That Hackers Will Exploit

March 31, 2023 Off By David

Data centers, businesses, and server rooms have networks in place to store and process data, and these locations are prime targets for hackers. The vulnerabilities in your network will be the point of entry for hackers to steal or manipulate data, and knowing these vulnerabilities will give you a chance to protect them. Read on to find vulnerabilities that hackers will exploit to get into your network and cause harm.

Outdated Operating Systems

Operating systems (OS) will have security measures to protect networks from hackers, but if you don’t update the OS, the entire network is vulnerable to an attack. Vendors and developers will offer updates to address issues in cybersecurity and improve the security measures already installed. The new versions of the OS will have better security, and hackers will have a harder time working around it.

Meanwhile, older versions of the OS will continue to have the same security issues they had before the update, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. Stay up-to-date with any current versions of the OS to improve your network’s security and patch any issues in the older version.

Weak Authorization Credentials

You will most likely have authorization requirements for anyone who may access the network. While this type of security will prevent most breaches, keeping your credentials strong and difficult to guess is important. Businesses and data centers should make password updates mandatory to prevent the likelihood of a hacker figuring out the password of an authorized individual.

Investing in a better infrastructure, such as a hybrid cloud data center, will improve security in authorization credentials. One of the pros of hybrid cloud data centers is the clearance for select people to access the network. But you will need to show caution and ensure that their credentials won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Physical Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities for a network will normally fall into the non-physical elements of software and programs. But it’s important to recognize the physical vulnerabilities of your network that hackers may easily attack. Physical vulnerabilities include your servers, drives, and any physical software that someone may access.

Lock servers away in rooms and increase the requirements needed to access them. Use key cards for data centers and install cameras to monitor activity while inside. Hacking the digital landscape from a computer is a great threat, but physically accessing the devices connected to a network is a vulnerability that people shouldn’t overlook.

There are numerous threats on the web, and many people want to find ways into your network to steal your data. Hackers will exploit these vulnerabilities in your network when given a chance, so update your OS and ensure you cover all bases for a well-defended network.