2022 Cloud Data Security Survey Report by Flow Security dives into how CISOs today adapt to the increasing challenges in data security and the concerns they prioritize solving

September 23, 2022 Off By David

Flow Security has released the 2022 Cloud Data Security Survey Report.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) has been added by Gartner in 2022’s hype cycle, providing a look at how data security tools will likely evolve over the next decade. With the rise of the DSPM category, Flow Security commissioned an independent survey to understand how today’s security decision-makers are managing and visualizing their data. The survey took place among 200 security decision-makers from the United States and the United Kingdom in companies of 500+ employees.

Key findings of the report include:

  1. Almost a third of companies’ data is being stored and handled externally: While companies tend to put great emphasis on monitoring internally held data, respondents report that 31% of their environment is based on external services that handle or store their sensitive data.
  2. CISOs and security experts lack visibility and satisfaction over their sensitive data processes: 88% of CISOs say they are investing a high level of effort in discovering network data flows, and 52% are not satisfied with this process.
  3. Cloud security budget is growing, and clear investment priorities have been mapped out: 98% of companies increased their cloud security budgets in 2022, and on average these budgets are increasing by 44%.
  4. Monitoring sensitive data sent to external services is the biggest threat on CISOs and security experts’ radar: CISOs’ highest priority for 2022 is monitoring sensitive data sent to external services, as well as insecure interfaces and APIs, sharing the top spot at 52%.

“These findings present not only a clear view of an urgent need to secure the data landscape, but also shed light on the relevant priorities,” commented Jonathan Roizin, CEO of Flow Security. “At Flow Security, we revolutionize data security by providing a full platform that solves these issues automatically.”

Download the full report here