Bat Blue Awarded Network Feature Virtualization Patent

Grazed from Bat Blue Networks Announcement.

Bat Blue Networks, the innovator of Unified Cloud Security, has been awarded a patent on Network Feature Virtualization (NFV) technology that enables its Cloud/Sec offering to be the most agile and adaptive security solution available today. The patent is titled "System and Method for Providing a Single Global Borderless Perimeter Through Distributed Points of Presence," and is assigned U.S. Patent No. 9,197,601B2. The patent covers Bat Blue's unique Network Feature Virtualization (NFV) technology and was issued on November 24, 2015.

Bat Blue's patented Network Feature Virtualization (NFV) technology uniquely empowers Cloud/Sec to be both agile and adaptive, with the ability to add features and functions on-demand. These are key virtues for security given today's threats and business demand for distributed technologies.

The industry has and continues to fail at offering a sustainable, cost effective and holistic approach to security. "We don't just have a Cloud security problem, we have a distributed assets security problem," said Steve Katz, former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Citigroup, JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch, at a recent Bat Blue event.

The NFV patent highlights just some of Bat Blue's innovative technology at work to address a substantive industry challenge. Today, a number of one-off products have to be pieced together across many different silos of security such as Clouds, SaaS, Mobile, Branch and Data Centers. Security teams continuously juggle product acquisitions, implementations, operationalization and ongoing care and feeding of many products and policies across the multiple security silos. This is expensive, resource intensive, ineffective and ultimately unsustainable.

The Bat Blue approach offers organizations a complete security infrastructure as an in-the-Cloud utility with a single security policy that protects all distributed assets, including Clouds, SaaS, Mobile, Branches, Data Centers and even Internet of Things (IoT) Assets.

"This is an extremely powerful patent that represents the future of how security is delivered," said Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, former CIO and CTO for AT&T and himself the holder of over 1,100 patents. "I continue to be impressed by the Bat Blue team and their thoughtful approach to security," said Eslambochi.


"We are very excited about the awarded NFV patent. It's very important for the Unified Cloud Security model of moving the entire security stack to the Cloud," said Babak Pasdar, Bat Blue's Founder, CEO and the patent's author. "Agility and adaptiveness are key to an ever-changing threat landscape and NFV is key to agile and adaptive security."

"So far the industry has aimed for defense-in-depth but managed to create complexity-in-depth. And complexity is the enemy of security. Take end-point security for example, it's fools gold. It doesn't take sustainability into consideration at all. End-point security for a projected 50 billion IoT assets that range from an LG Dishwasher, a Tesla car, to an Android device is just not reasonable or feasible. Our Unified Cloud Security makes security simple, manageable and sustainable," Pasdar added.