How to Get Ahead in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is growing rapidly, so the number of jobs available in the sector is on the increase. For anyone looking to get ahead in tech, looking for a job in cloud computing could be the way forward. So how can you ensure you have the right skills to progress in your chosen career?

The tech world is vast and varied. There are thousands of different jobs in tech, so it is important to select the right career path if you have a specific job in mind. Clearly this is easier said than done if you are still in education, but the skills you learn at the start of your career will play a big part in where you eventually end up. 

The Best Route into Cloud Computing

For many people, the most obvious route into an IT career is via a university degree and, perhaps, a post-grad qualification. There is no doubt that a good degree from a recognised university will help your cause, but a degree is not the be all and end all, particularly in a specialised field such as cloud computing.

Zerto Releases Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) Version 4.5

Article Written by David Marshall

Zerto has recently announced the availability of a new feature rich update to its flagship product, Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR), bringing it to version 4.5.    

Zerto Virtual Replication is the first hypervisor-based replication solution to offer enterprise-class cross-hypervisor replication, disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility.  With ZVR, IT departments can automatically convert Hyper-V VMs to VMware, convert VMware VMs to Hyper- V, & convert Hyper-V to AWS for increased flexibility and cost savings.

Zerto Virtual Replication 4.5 builds upon the company's always-on replication, with no snapshots, replication and orchestration capabilities by adding granular recovery.  Now, a single file or folder can be recovered from the journal, improving the mean time to recovery for files, folders, VMs, applications and sites.  Many other improvements were made as well to simplify disaster recovery operations, to further reduce ongoing management and maintenance and to automate more DR operations to ensure consistency and repeatability.

And it is Zerto's interoperability (cross-replication, multi-hypervisor support) that is one of the big advantages that sets this solution apart from others.


VMware's Number Two, Carl Eschenbach, Leaves Virtualization Giant for VC Firm

Article Written by David Marshall

Carl Eschenbach, VMware’s president and chief operating officer, has announced that he is leaving the company after 14 years of service.  In an official company statement made today, VMware confirmed that Eschenbach has resigned from his operational role to "pursue a new career opportunity."  VMware also stated that he would continue to strategically advise VMware chief executive officer Pat Gelsinger, the VMware Board of Directors and the executive team.

Although the official announcement did not specify where Eschenbach was headed, Fortune reported that he will land at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as a partner.


Navigating the Transition to Managed IT with Cloud Infrastructure

Article Written by David Graffia, VP of Sales at dinCloud

Gone are the days where IT could operate as a siloed business unit. Today, IT is challenged to not only facilitate, but drive business objectives, and deliver faster, more agile service. This is due to factors both in and outside of IT jurisdiction, all of which will be explored in this article. 

Factors Transforming IT 

Widespread adoption of cloud-based infrastructure is changing the way IT operates - it is no longer weighed down by inflexible on-premises hardware. Accordingly, IT departments are expected to deliver service faster, quickly adapt to changing objectives, and work towards automation. Changing expectations of IT are largely due to an overall shift in the pace at which the business sector operates. With an anytime, anywhere approach to productivity, changes can happen quickly. 

IBM Partners with VMware on Hybrid Cloud and Plans to Boost Cloud Credibility

Article Written by David Marshall

ibm vmware interconnect

IBM is in Las Vegas this week playing host at its InterConnect event, the company's annual cloud and mobile technology conference.  And with a number of announcements being made, IBM just rolled up its sleeves, puffed out its chest, and put others on notice that it plans on taking a seat at the big boys cloud computing table.

Big Blue announced a major partnership with VMware to bring its customers onto the IBM Cloud; and at the same time, also announced partnerships with the developer community GitHub, link shortener Bitly, the recently open-sourced Swift language from Apple, and more.


Pwn2Own Contest Places a $75K Bounty to Hack VMware Workstation at CanSecWest Security Conference

Article Written by David Marshall

The annual Pwn2Own hacking contest returns next month to the CanSecWest security conference and researchers are going up against the most popular browsers and operating systems, challenged with finding and exposing exploits.  

For this year's contest, participants will be asked to exploit Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on fully patched versions of 64-bit Windows 10 and Apple Safari on OS X El Capitan.  

Exploiting Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge will earn hackers a $65,000 prize, while exploiting Apple Safari on Mac will earn a payout of $40,000.  Achieving system-level access on Windows or root access on Mac OS X would bring an additional bonus of $20,000 to the pot.

Docker Puts Emphasis on Container Security with Docker 1.10

Article Written by David Marshall


Docker has launched the latest version of its containerization platform, and with it, placed a heavy emphasis on security updates.  The latest release of Docker Engine has now reached version 1.10 (that's one incremental number above 1.09, so as not to be confused with a 1.1 release).

The new additions help answer one of the main objections raised by some of the early critics of the technology -- solving security challenges.

Up until this release, Docker containers have had to run as root under the Docker daemon, bringing with it a host of security concerns.  The security solution in Docker 1.10 is a new feature called "user namespaces," a concept that was originally introduced as an experimental feature in Docker version 1.9.  User namespaces expands on the idea of granular access policies by allowing multiple namespaces to reside on the same Docker host.


Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview Available for Download - Enter Hybrid Cloud

Article written by David Marshall


Microsoft has finally released the first technical preview of its new Azure Stack offering, the company's customized cloud bundle, after being delayed for a number of months.

So what is Azure Stack all about? 

It is Microsoft's new hybrid cloud platform product designed to provide organizations with the ability to deliver Azure services from their own on-premises data center in a way that remains consistent with the current public cloud version of Azure.

VMware Cuts 800 Jobs - Affects vCloud Air and the Workstation and Fusion Products

Article written by David Marshall

In an earnings call made earlier this week, VMware reported some bad news, even as the company released some pretty solid financial earnings numbers.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger admitted that last year was, as he called it, a "challenging time" for VMware investors.  And the company's core compute virtualization products were reaching maturity and would play a decreasing role in the company's future business.

VMware announced total revenues for the fourth quarter reached $1.87 billion, that's an increase of 10% from the fourth quarter of 2014, or up 12% year-over-year on a constant currency basis.  And license revenues for the fourth quarter were $825 million, an increase of 6% from the fourth quarter of 2014, or up 11% year-over-year on a constant currency basis.  With the coming Dell acquisition of EMC, Gelsinger said the company would see, over time, a significant revenue upside from up selling VMware's full portfolio of products and services to Dell's new equipment sales and from accessing their incredibly strong SMB go-to market engine.


Big Switch Networks' $48.5 Million Funding Round Signals SDN Momentum

Article written by David Marshall

Big Switch Networks, a software-defined networking (SDN) startup, announced a $48.5 million Series C round of funding today, bringing the company's total funding since its founding in 2010 to $94 million.  

New and existing investors, including Morgenthaler Ventures, Silver Lake Waterman, Index Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Accton, CID Group and MSD Capital all contributed to this latest round of funding, and they were joined by other undisclosed backers.  Industry observers at those companies and others said the funding showcases the continuing momentum of SDN and related technologies such as network functions virtualization (NFV).