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Hybrid Cloud Computing Race Is Paying Big Dividends

Grazed from CRN. Author: Steve Burke.

The pace of hybrid cloud computing adoption is accelerating in a “game-on, change or die” scenario that is paying big dividends for the national solution provider, GreenPages Technology Solutions CEO Ron Dupler said Monday. GreenPages’ own cloud computing management as a service platform is set to double through the first quarter of next year as more companies adopt hybrid cloud computing strategies, said Dupler in keynote presentation before 80 customers and 118 top IT executives at the 18th annual GreenPages cloud summit. What’s more, GreenPage is set to end 2014 with a robust 12 percent increase in annual sales to $130 million, Dupler said.

“The [hybrid cloud] game is truly on,” Dupler said under the backdrop of the summit theme Game On: Visions & Strategies For Cloud Era IT Organizations. “Customers are looking at us to really execute in the cloud now. There is no more debate. Customers are acknowledging cloud and they are operationalizing cloud strategies. We are seeing tremendous traction with our CMaaS [Cloud Management as a Service platform] with an accelerating pipeline.”...

Amazon Web Services Won't Dominate Cloud Computing

Grazed from OutOfTheBox.  Author: Eapen Chacko.

Back in 2013, when the the hype about cloud computing and big data was gathering steam, we wrote,  "Unfortunately, none of this really makes it any clearer who is going to carry the day as far as supporting the migration of mega-cap, public multinational corporations to a public cloud computing infrastructure. Will one or more of these companies really want their entire IT infrastructure to reside with a bookseller and operator of global merchandise bazaars?"

Last week, the theory that Amazon Web Services would be the growth and earnings engine for the company was called into question. Data security, risk management, documentation and mitigation of breaches will weigh more heavily on CIOs, particularly in health care and financial services, than saving a few nominal bucks by outsourcing data storage and applications...

What does the future hold for cloud computing?

Grazed from Net-Security. Author: Catalin Cosoi.

Positive reports of increasing levels of cloud adoption in the UK were plentiful in the technology media in the first half of 2014. The majority of coverage indicates that growing numbers of businesses are embracing the technology’s many benefits – such as cost and time savings – and this mirrors our own intelligence.

However, amongst the positivity remain concerns about security, with discussions surrounding the storage of, and access to, sensitive data remaining ever-present. While education remains an issue that needs to be addressed, one must consider the current landscape and cloud computing’s future prospects...

Cloud: The reality that enterprises cannot escape

Grazed from Business-Standard. Author: Itika Sharma Punit.

Even as many still regard it as a 'new technology', experts and senior industry leaders are of the view that Cloud is increasingly becoming a game-changer for Indian information technology (IT) services companies. According to leaders in the sector, as much as 20-25 per cent of the large outsourcing deals now include 'flavours of cloud'.

Clients across industries have started to see benefits from adoption of Cloud and are more ready now than before to invest heavily into this technology. Thus, IT services providers with higher Cloud capabilities stand to benefit higher going forward, experts said. Cloud computing, in simple terms, refers to storing and accessing data and programs over virtual infrastructure through a network (which is typically the internet), instead of physical infrastructure such as servers and hard drives...

Recruiters struggle to get cloud hiring right

Grazed from FierceCIO. Author: David Weldon.

The growing adoption of cloud computing is placing greater demand on IT pros with cloud-based experience, but many organizations complain that it's too hard to find IT talent with the right skills. There are a few reasons for the problem, according to a recent article at CloudTech. "Demand for cloud-skilled IT workers continues to outstrip the supply, and demands keep growing," the article explains.

"Training and on-the-job training are well underway, but growth is just too steep to fill all of the jobs." "Cloud providers do a poor job of providing generalized cloud computing skills. They typically focus only on their technology, which shouldn't be surprising. However, the majority of enterprises use many clouds, so cloud professionals need to understand most of them."...

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Cloud computing facts may unclench server huggers' hold

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Alex Barrett.

Every IT function you can think of is available as a cloud-based service these days: email and communications, payroll, human resources, file sharing, analytics -- the list goes on. Cloud services are often used by newer companies with no legacy infrastructure, but they're also pitched to replace existing on-premises systems. That's when the trouble starts, said Curtis Peterson, vice president of operations at RingCentral Inc., a provider of cloud-based business communications services that is an alternative to legacy PBX systems.

While higher-level executives may be open to the idea of cloud-based services, more entrenched, operational IT staffers -- so-called server huggers -- often are not. Here's what Peterson hears from server huggers and what he has to say to those who just can't give up their beloved hardware...

5 reasons CEOs need to care about the cloud

Grazed from SmartCEO.  Author: Simon Tutt.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the cloud recently.  Everything from smartphones to entire computer networks made better by the cloud.  But why should CEO’s care?  Consider this: According to a study conducted by SMB Group* at the end of 2012, 52% of small and mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) were using cloud solutions in their businesses. That number has definitely gone up since then.

What does this report mean to CEOs who are still on the fence about a move to the cloud? They are way behind their peers, and playing catch-up could end up costing more in the long run than the upfront cloud costs may present. In turn, the CEOs who are already making the move to the cloud are better positioned to see revenue gains and foster their company’s growth...

The dark side of the cloud: Is cloud tech overhyped?

Grazed from TechTimes.  Author: Mark Hawver.

Cloud computing is here to stay. But the concept is still new enough that many businesses and consumers have only a hazy notion of what it means, and, even more frustrating, cannot figure out how to get the most advantage given investment.

Meanwhile cloud service providers are stumbling about as start-ups come and go, technology and competitive environments rapidly change rapidly with it all leading to a bit of a circus-like atmosphere. If you're a business that fears for the safety of your cloud data or cannot decide if you want to invest in building your own cloud platform, your concerns are well-founded. The sands are still shifting...

Even Early Adopters See Major Flaws in the Cloud

Grazed from NYTimes. Author: David Streifeld.

The C.I.A. isn’t afraid of the cloud. Amazon, a relative baby in the field of technology services, triumphed over stalwart IBM to gain a $600 million C.I.A. contract, but the most remarkable part of the deal was that the agency was a cloud convert in the first place. The fact that a tech company could warehouse data involving the government’s spies is the clearest signal yet that cloud computing is having its moment.

Somewhat like outsourcing a decade ago, cloud computing is the coming technology destined to sweep away all before it. Amazon Web Services is the fastest-growing part of fast-growing Amazon, and analysts expect it someday to be the dominant part of the company. Google, IBM, Verizon, Microsoft and a host of smaller players are competing for a part of the action. Global spending on public cloud services alone is forecast to hit $210 billion in 2016, up 172 percent from 2010...

The Cloud Vital Signs: Are You Digging Your Own Grave?

Grazed from CRN. Author: Steve Burks.

Are you driving fast, making big bets on new products and services in a cloud-computing marketplace moving at blinding speed? It's a question worth asking given just how fast recurring revenue cloud-computing services are reshaping the legacy IT landscape. Solution providers that are relying on business models that were developed in the days when on-premise IT projects were queued up like airplanes during a blizzard are never going to be able to dig out and get their businesses off the ground...

Every company should be measuring just how many new practices, products and recurring revenue services they are bringing to the market, and how many new customers they are adding each and every quarter. Think of those critical quarterly measurements as the vital signs of your business...