Cloud Storage

Dell EMC Brings the Power of Flash and Cloud Tiering to Industry's #1 Protection Storage

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Dell EMC is unveiling new software and a new generation of Dell EMC Data Domain protection storage systems that are flash-enabled to deliver industry-leading speed and scalability as well as enhanced protection for virtual environments. These new systems also provide the ultimate in efficiency for tiering long-term retention data to the cloud.

The deployment of the new Data Domain Cloud Tier software within Data Domain increases the total volume of data that can be managed through a single appliance by 200 percent, with a maximum logical capacity of 150PB. Data Domain Cloud Tier establishes Data Domain as the only protection storage to natively tier de-duplicated data to public, private, or hybrid clouds for long-term retention, including Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage and Virtustream Storage Cloud.

Avere Systems Unlocks Simplest Path to the Cloud with New Cloud-Core NAS (C2N) Offering for Enterprises

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Avere Systems, a leading provider of hybrid cloud enablement solutions, today unveiled the Avere Cloud-Core NAS (C2N) system, the only storage solution to combine the simplicity of NAS and the efficiency of object storage to deliver cloud-enabled infrastructure to the enterprise. The Avere C2N system transforms traditional storage environments into cloud infrastructure that scales from 120 terabytes to more than five petabytes to provide an easy and economical path to the cloud. Unlike other object storage solutions that start at a petabyte or more, Avere offers an entry-point solution built for starting small and scaling to large capacities for demanding applications in media and entertainment, life sciences, financial services, technology and other high data-growth industries.

Most enterprises looking to adopt the cloud are faced with challenges such as unfamiliar object-based application program interfaces (APIs) for data access, vendor solutions that start at over a petabyte, do-it-yourself solutions that are complex to implement, and public cloud data migrations that are difficult to execute and raise security concerns. The Avere C2N system addresses these complications by providing organizations with a cost-effective and manageable first step to cloud migration. By integrating private and public object storage with an organization's existing NAS infrastructure, C2N allows enterprises to create a simple and flexible hybrid cloud, managing an entire heterogeneous infrastructure as a single, logical pool of storage.

Panzura Announces Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud Storage Controllers

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Panzura, the leading provider of hybrid cloud storage for the enterprise, today announced its 5000 series of expandable enterprise hybrid cloud controllers, available immediately. This new generation of controllers scales from 1000s of users in a single site to tens of 1000s of users across global offices. Using Panzura's patented hybrid cloud storage software, customers can accelerate time to market of multi-billion dollar projects and high value software products by months, reduce on-premise storage costs by millions of dollars, and deliver a future proof hybrid cloud storage architecture. Organizations like Electronic Arts, Milwaukee Tool, National Instruments and the Department of Justice use Panzura for global software development and build delivery, high value asset distribution, cross-site CAD collaboration, hybrid cloud NAS and active archive.

Panzura software, available with the 5000 series, enables globally dispersed employees and machines to work together like they are in the same location. With Panzura, customers can implement distributed continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) environments to move software builds of up to hundreds of gigabytes to multiple sites worldwide in minutes totaling terabytes of builds globally distributed per day. Example projects include developing and distributing game builds globally, architecting skyscrapers and amusement parks using teams from multiple offices, transferring large-scale seismic data to compute farms on different continents and designing power tools collaboratively between teams in different countries. 

Brightsolid Improves Performance, Reliability and Service Levels with INFINIDAT

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INFINIDAT, a leading provider of enterprise data storage solutions, today announced that Brightsolid, a leading UK cloud provider, has implemented the InfiniBox enterprise-proven storage array to improve storage performance and reliability in its VMware cloud environment. Using InfiniBox, Brightsolid reduced the time to deploy storage from hours to minutes, and lowered write latencies from 2-10 ms to below 1 ms, thereby gaining a competitive edge in its market. 

“Our mission is to deliver technical innovation with personal service. By this, we mean finding the best way to apply the most effective technology so that we always surpass the expectations of our customers in the performance, reliability and price of our service,” said Richard Higgs, CEO at Brightsolid. “InfiniBox has delivered the outstanding performance we require as we serve some of the most data-intensive industries, such as energy. Flexibility is one of our key priorities and the scalability of the InfiniBox platform meets this requirement, particularly where customers need to quickly spin resources up and down depending on business demand and budget.”

TIG Selects Asigra and Zadara Storage to Power its Cloud Service Growth

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Asigra Inc. a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider, and Zadara Storage, enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) provider, have been selected by TIG, provider of cloud, connectivity and transformational managed services in the UK, to enable it to deliver a high-performance file and block storage and comprehensive cloud backup solution to its customers. This is the first time a managed services provider has deployed Asigra and Zadara Storage together. The result is a highly complementary solution that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer aggressive, agile services that meet changing customer requirements very quickly, in a pay-as-you-go model for faster revenue realization.

"We selected Asigra Cloud Backup and Zadara Storage because they each offer a powerful solution to meet our customers' most critical business needs. However, when used together, they have dramatically improved our cloud services business," said George Georgiou, sales director, TIG. "The combined Zadara and Asigra value propositions have elevated our business agility, improved our ability to scale very quickly as customer demands dictate, and enabled us to reach revenue faster - all without large, capital expense investments. The two services are extremely complementary - and the strongest in the marketplace - and will continue to allow us to expand our services, maximize operational efficiencies and provide our customers with the leading storage and backup solutions."

Tintri Unveils Scale-out Storage Platform to Enable Enterprises and CSPs to Build Their Own Amazon-like Cloud Infrastructure

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Tintri Inc., a leading producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualisation and cloud environments, today announced a new scale-out storage platform to enable enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to build their own Amazon-like cloud infrastructure for diverse virtualised workloads. The new platform forms the foundation for the industry's largest all-flash scale-out, with support for up to 160,000 VMs, 10 petabytes of capacity, and 6.4 million IOPS, for less than $1/GB. 

Today's announcement includes nine new Tintri VMstore T5000 all flash models with capacity expansion capabilities, VM Scale-out software, Tintri Analytics for predictive capacity and performance planning, and two new Tintri Cloud offerings. The simplicity of VAS enables organisations to scale from 17TB to 10PB with a common platform and less than one full time employee dedicated to storage management. 

CloudMe Reaches 1.5 Million Subscribers and Launches Redesigned, Modern User Experience

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CloudMe, the global sync / storage service used in more than 200 countries by 1.5 million subscribers, today announced the launch of its next-generation user experience. The user interface for all customers -- ranging from mobile apps to web and desktop -- has been completely redesigned with a flat scheme, modern icons and responsive design to adapt and utilize the entire screen of any device.

This new platform will allow CloudMe to easily add features, provide a unified user experience and improve its service with the ability to handle tens of thousands of files simultaneously. This feature will be especially useful for businesses with large document archives or users syncing multiple photos from their mobile camera.

Alluxio Virtualizes Distributed Storage for Petabyte Scale Computing at In-Memory Speeds

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Alluxio (formerly known as Tachyon), the world's first memory-centric virtual distributed storage system, today announced its open source version 1.0 release. The vision for Alluxio is to become the de-facto storage unification layer for big data and other scale-out application environments in the same manner that Apache Spark became the standard computation layer.

Alluxio's memory-centric architecture provides orders of magnitude performance gains over existing solutions and superior manageability by allowing developers to interact with a single storage layer API without worrying about the configurations and complexities of underlying storage and file systems. Co-created by Haoyuan Li, CEO of Alluxio, Inc. and a founding committer of Spark, Alluxio ushers in the next generation of storage virtualization for petabyte scale computing...

Backing up to ‘the cloud’ means data is more easily available to authorities

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While the increasing use of encryption helps smartphone users protect their data, another sometime-related technology, cloud computing, can undermine those protections. The reason: encryption can keep certain smartphone data outside the reach of law enforcement. But once the data is uploaded to companies’ computers connected to the internet — referred to as "the cloud" — it may be available to authorities with court orders.

Major cloud-computing suppliers, including smartphone providers such as Alphabet ’s Google, Microsoft and Apple, routinely comply with court orders and search warrants to turn over data that in many cases would have been harder for law enforcement to obtain had users kept it solely on their devices...

Sphere 3D's Collaboration with Microsoft to Bring SnapCLOUD Adopters to Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an Immediate Success

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Sphere 3D Corp., a containerization, virtualization and data management solutions provider and parent company of Overland Storage and Tandberg Data, today announced encouraging initial results from its Microsoft Azure joint marketing campaign. In-market tactics launched in late November 2015 were directed to a control portion, subset of its dedicated customers that use its SnapServer and SnapScale on-premise storage solutions. The campaign entices them to augment their existing solutions with Sphere 3D's SnapCLOUD  - a cloud-based data storage product which is available from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The campaign has already resulted in over 100 SnapCLOUD customer deployments, meeting 40% of the target goal for the original 90-day period.