Hybrid Cloud

Why consumer cloud needs a PR makeover

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

If I were Google, Box.net or any other number of cloud-service providers, I’d consider investing in television advertising. References to cloud computing, or “the cloud,” are becoming more abundant on the small screen, but they’re not always informative, nor are they particularly flattering. And that’s in addition to the public relations hit the cloud is taking on just about every other front.

If I didn’t know any better, I might think the cloud is a fairly useless and highly insecure place to store my data. Worse, I might think it’s a joke.

Growth of Public Cloud Unified Communications Sluggish: Survey

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Nathan Eddy.

Clouds Are Like Buses: Public Isn’t Always Better

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Sinclair Schuller.

Inside the Hybrid Cloud Storage Wars

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Michael Vizard.

When it comes to cloud computing, storage is usually the first thing that most IT organizations think about. While the idea that an external service provider could be used to store massive amounts of data can be appealing, the management of that process across hybrid cloud computing scenarios can be more complex than most IT organizations tend to realize.

IBM aims cloud-computing services at universities, colleges

Grazed from Network World.  Author: Ellen Messmer.

World's largest hybrid cloud powers popular games

Grazed from IT Wire.  Author: Stephen Withers.

Game provider Zynga has more than 250 million users, and signs up five new players every second. Company officials claim 10% of the world's Internet population plays a Zynga game once a month.

With six of the top 10 Facebook games, Zynga has a serious business. But have you ever wondered where the games actually run?

Intel AppUp promises hybrid cloud for SMEs

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Nancy Gohring.

With its new AppUp offering, Intel hopes to facilitate a new kind of cloud service for small businesses that have security concerns but want to take advantage of the cost benefits of moving to the cloud.

The service will let small businesses use applications hosted on hardware that is located on premise but pay only for what they use and leave the management to someone else.

Intel Gives MSPs A Hybrid Cloud Leg Up With AppUp

Grazed from CRN.  Author: Andrew R. Hickey.

Intel (NSDQ:INTC) Tuesday took the wrapping off of new SMB cloud services available through MSPs that the company said gives SMBs the security of on-premise data coupled the agility of on-demand hybrid cloud applications and services.

Bring on the Hybrids: CIOs Make Staffing Shifts

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Ann All.

Like writers at most technology trade publications, I and my colleagues here at IT Business Edge tend to focus on in-demand technical skills when we write about IT careers. While the right kinds of technical skills can certainly land folks a job (mobile development, anyone?), employers are increasingly looking for a somewhat fuzzier blend of IT and business skills.

Hybrid Desktop Virtualization: A New Approach for the Cloud

Grazed from Virtual Strategy Magazine.  Author: Issy Ben-Shaul.