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Eucalyptus Anchors the Latest Cloud Software Stack

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Cloud for Point-of-Sale

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If cloud software is really going to provide the revolution that many of us predict, we need to see tools adopted by mainstream users. While we’ve seen some exciting tools at the infrastructure level that bring efficiencies for IT, and some application level tools that make sharing and collaboration easier for knowledge workers, we’ve yet to see much in the way of the cloud delivering benefits for mass-market businesses. A new startup from New Zealand aims to help with that by providing a retail point-of-sale (POS) solution that brings cloud benefits in an application designed for retailers.

XTuple Expands to the Cloud

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XTuple, a provider of commercial open-source business management software, has announced the release of a new version of its flagship product along with an expansion of the xTuple cloud service. The new features of the open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software include a Quickstart Wizard for setup and an xTuple desktop, with graphical, customizable workflows for sales, CRM, accounting, and manufacturing. The xTuple desktop also allows users to create their own favorite places in the application and set up summary dashboards of key business metrics.

Three new editions of xTuple's open source ERP software are available:

Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

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Intel will pay $7.68bn (£5bn) in cash.

Under the terms of the deal, Intel said it would pay $48 per share in cash for McAfee, almost 60% higher than its closing price on Wednesday.

Through buying McAfee, a leading security technology firm, Intel intends to build security features into its microprocessors which go into products such as laptops and phones.

The two companies said they had been working together for 18 months and that, should the takeover pass regulatory and shareholder approval, the first new products would be revealed early next year.

Microsoft 'Orleans': A New Cloud Development Platform?

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Startups Aim to Chip Away at the Microsoft Office Empire

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Another EngineYard Co-Founder Leaves The Company

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Oracle’s Java Lawsuit: Free Markets, Not Free Software

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Eucalyptus, rPath Back a New Private Cloud Effort

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NewScale, rPath and Eucalyptus Systems are working on a new self service, private cloud initiative which is going to be announced on August 24. This new effort is going to an integrated offering that is targeting hybrid and private clouds. This will be yet another offering that would perhaps compete with a whole series of companies and efforts, including the open source cloud stack, OpenStack. More details will likely emerge around the time of VMworld 2010.

Should Marc Andreessen Become HP’s Interim CEO?

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