Cloud Storage

Buffalo CloudStor lets workers create their own cloud

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Robert Strohmeyer.

If you want the flexibility of cloud-based storage without the worries that come with storing your important data on someone else's servers, the new CloudStor network-attached storage device from Buffalo is worth a close look. Using Pogoplug's software, the CloudStor lets you serve up files, photos, and multimedia over the Web to any of your devices. So when you're on the go, it's just like being back in your home office.

MeghaWare Looks to Marry Consumers and Cloud Storage

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

Will Streaming Content Drive Scale-out Storage?

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

Which storage technologies and vendors will fly in 2011?

Grazed from The Register.  Author: Chris Mellor.

Data growth and storage demand is seemingly unstoppable, and new storage tech has advanced quite a bit in 2010. Things are looking good for the industry in general.

5 Tips for Enterprises Considering a Private Storage Cloud

Grazed from Cloud Storage Strategy.  Author: Steve Lesem.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to on-premise private storage clouds as a cost-effective way to share information.  Why?  A cloud behind the firewall enables users to easily access, share and collaborate without compromising data security, integrity and availability.  But there are still a few points every enterprise needs to consider before making the decision...

Nasuni Gets $15M as Cloud-Storage Gold Rush Carries On

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

Amazon announces storage cloud for 5TB objects

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Jack Clark.

For Amazon Web Services (AWS), an object is a piece of data, file or group of files. AWS assigns an identification key to the object, which is stored across a number of datacentres in AWS's S3 storage cloud.

On Thursday, AWS announced in a blog post that it had boosted the potential size of objects.

Cloud Storage Appropriate Data

Grazed from InfoWorld.  Author: George Crump.

As vendors continue to mature the cloud storage on-ramps we discussed previously, the use case for cloud storage is becoming more wide spread. What was once primarily backup and archive storage destination is now quickly becoming an option for primary data storage. As a result the data that you are going to involve in a cloud storage solution may be different than it was only a year ago.As we discussed in our recent webinar "What's Your Cloud Strategy, Answering The Top Ten Questions", cloud storage, at least in the public sense, still has a bottleneck in the connection from your data center to the WAN. When using cloud for primary storage, we are looking for use cases where only a small percentage of the data set is active at any point in time. That active data set would be cached in some manor locally...

New TwinStrata and Scality partnership delivers turnkey private cloud storage solutions

Grazed from PRNews Wire.  Author:  PR Announcement.

TwinStrata, Inc., the leading innovator in data protection and iSCSI cloud storage solutions, has integrated Scality's RING storage platform into its family of CloudArray virtual and physical appliances. With the addition of Scality integration, CloudArray customers can now easily choose and deploy either a private cloud environment or connect with internationally available public cloud providers powered by Scality RING and receive off-site data protection and disaster recovery capabilities on a "plug-and-play" basis.

TwinStrata's CloudArray's "like local" performance, control, and policy-driven automation enables Scality customers to leverage the on-demand elasticity and adaptability of Scality's RING cloud storage through innovative asynchronous replication, in-cloud snapshots, dynamic caching, in-flight and at-rest encryption, compression, iSCSI, and continuous access to and control of data in the cloud. In the event of a disruption or an outage, data can be rapidly restored on-site, off-site, or in the cloud, providing secure, anywhere, anytime application and data accessibility...

IBM & Friends Tackle Future Of Cloud Storage

Grazed from Network Computing.  Author: Steve Wexler.

IBM has announced plans to develop a smart cloud storage architecture over the next three years. The EU-funded joint research initiative, estimated at $21.5M, involves 15 European partners. Called VISION Cloud -- Virtualized Storage Services for the Future Internet - the group plans to develop a new approach, where data is represented by smart objects that include rich information describing the content of the data and how the object should be handled, replicated, or backed up.