Survey Says: Majority Of IT Professionals Surveyed Say Data Security Is Preeminent Concern For Migration Initiatives

May 15, 2019 Off By Hoofer
Zerto Gartner Report

Sureline Systems announced the results of their recent Cloud Migration Survey. The clear majority, 89%, of those surveyed indicated they have implemented a cloud migration initiative or are planning to do so within the next quarter. Embracing a Hybrid Cloud substantially overshadowed those that were considering a private or public cloud.

Among the other key findings over 60% of respondents indicate they plan to move existing servers and or applications rather than rewriting them or moving to a Saas Model. Over half of those queried responded that the top three considerations when initiating a cloud migration program were first and foremost data security followed by ease-of-installation and minimizing downtime. The downtime consideration ranked in at 16-30 minutes being the acceptable norm. Among those who were migrating VMs, over 50% were using Microsoft Azure or AWS.

These results further support Sureline’s ongoing commitment to innovative product development to ensure it is delivering the most robust solutions in response to customers’ demands for enterprise-class software solutions that allow them to migrate and protect their servers to new infrastructures, further enhancing their competitive advantage in their chosen markets. 

SUREedge Migrator supports the leading hypervisors including VMware, Hyper-v and Nutanix AHV and is qualified with the leading Cloud environments including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud and OpenStack Liberty. During migration, SUREedge injects the necessary drivers and performs other transformations to ensure bootability of the migrated servers when migrating from one hypervisor/cloud environment to a different one. SUREedge Migrator allows organizations to migrate complete workloads to new infrastructure inside a data center, from data center to data center, to public clouds, between clouds, or from a cloud back to on-premises.

Unique capabilities in the SUREedge platform include an agentless architecture for ease of installation and minimal impact on production servers, a plan driven UI that allows tens, hundreds or thousands of servers to be migrated in an automated process, and automated transformations so that the migrated VMs are ready to run on the target hypervisor. The software is easy to deploy, highly scalable, hardware and hypervisor agnostic. 

SUREedge Migrator captures images from any physical or virtual server. These point-in-time images are then replicated using efficient deduplication, compression and encryption, to a local or remote site or Cloud. SUREedge Migrator includes a migration planner to develop an end-to-end plan to automate the overall migration process. The plan identifies which machines are to be migrated and when, and defines any interrelationships between servers that create complex applications. SUREedge leverages its automated transformation functionality to migrate from any source to any target, local or remote site or Cloud, where dissimilar hardware or operating environments can be used at the source and target.