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From Clouds to Cars to Kitchens, Linux Making an Impact Everywhere

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Darryl K. Taft.

There's no operating system more ubiquitous than Linux. It's everywhere. It's even running in devices and computers you may not suspect—our cars, our cell phones, even our refrigerators. Linux supports businesses and organizations everywhere, and because it underpins open-source innovation, it is the platform of choice for new applications.

Companies such as IBM and their work with organizations like the OpenPOWER Foundation are creating such new innovations as Big Blue's new scale-out servers running Linux and putting them in places all around us. In fact, eWEEK recently ran a slide show depicting how prevalent the operating system is in the supercomputing space...

AWS offers Marketplace software on annual subscriptions

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: John Riberio.

Amazon Web Services is offering on its Marketplace annual subscriptions to over 90 software products, which could help customers cut software costs by over 40 percent, the unit said. Customers can purchase AWS Marketplace products on an annual subscription basis and have unlimited use of the software for that Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance for the next 12 months, wrote Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for Amazon Web Services, in a blog post on Monday.

Users can apply one annual subscription to a Marketplace software product to one EC2 instance, Amazon said in its help section. The products on offer under the annual subscription program include those from software vendors such as Alert Logic, Barracuda Networks, Citrix Systems, Fortinet, Riverbed Technology and Sophos...

Making the most of the cloud: A software-defined approach

Grazed from FCW. Author: Colby Hochmuth.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous for the federal IT workforce, as many if not most agencies have begun to move functions like email or data storage into the cloud. But approaching cloud as a software-defined environment is still a relatively new concept in government.

A software-defined approach holistically automates network, computing and storage capabilities and opens the lines of communication between them, according to Anil Karmel, founder and CEO of C2 Labs Inc. and former deputy chief technology officer at the National Nuclear Security Administration...

Callidus Software: A Cloud Computing Play for Tech Investors?

Grazed from  Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud computing is one the fastest growing areas within the technology space. According to research firm Gartner, cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spending by 2016. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing segments within cloud computing. In fact, it is the largest overall cloud market segment.

Not surprisingly then, shares of Callidus Software Inc. (CALD) , a provider of a suite of SaaS solutions, have gained more than 80% in the past one year. Indeed, the small cap star is an excellent option for investors looking to capitalize on the burgeoning cloud computing market...

Cloud is fastest-growing segment of Oracle revenue

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: Howard Solomon.

Cloud computing will eventually come to dominate IT, so almost every hardware and software manufacturer has to have a cloud strategy of some sort. Oracle Corp.’s moves in this are have been paying off, according to the company’s latest financial report. The company said that in its fiscal Q4 total revenues were up three per cent to $11.3 billion (all figures in U.S dollars).

Of that software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) revenues were the fastest growing part, up 25 per cent to $322 million. For fiscal year 2014, total revenues were up three per cent at $38.3 billion. SaaS and PaaS revenues were up 23 per cent to $1.1 billion while cloud IaaS revenues were $456 million...

Saving old software from extinction in the age of cloud computing

Grazed from ArsTechnica. Author: Ron Amadeo.

We live in the golden age of cloud computing. Storing user data and preferences on the Internet makes our multi-device lives easier than ever before. Data input on one device is often seamlessly available on every other device, making it a snap to jump from desktop to laptop to smartphone. Some software has come to depend so completely on these cloud servers, though, that we are starting to create a software ecosystem that will be historically untraceable.

That's an issue, because software we use today will eventually be an important part of history. Computers are one of mankind's most significant achievements, and the devices have enabled an era of change that is more rapid than any other time in history. Historical record is a vital, precious thing. We've kept records of just about everything since before written language...

Top 11 Vendors in the Global Cloud System Management Software Market

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

Top 11 Vendors in the Global Cloud System Management Software Market is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack which is posting a CAGR of 32.51 percent from 2013-2018. The analysts pinpoint increasing adoption of hybrid cloud services as a major driver behind this growth.

“More and more enterprises are setting up private cloud infrastructure to cater to their internal computing and storage requirements. When computing requirements exceed the capacity of the private cloud, services are procured from the public cloud service providers; this adds the complication of the integration of private and public cloud, leading to the emergence of hybrid cloud infrastructure.”...

Verify Corporation Makes Major Updates to Its Cloud-Based Software

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Verify Corporation, a Minneapolis-based software technology company, today announced the release of Verify Platform 6.0. The Verify Platform is a cloud-based technology platform that powers anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and digital marketing software solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

The latest enhancements include a redesigned user experience and a responsive design that allows the application to work on a wide range of devices. Another key update is the expanded reporting and analytics engine, which enables companies to condense large volumes of data into actionable, real-time insights. These features give Verify clients added visibility into their supply chains as well as detailed reporting on how their consumers interact with brands...

OpenStack Icehouse Cloud Debuted With Heavyweight Support

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Sean M. Kerner.

The OpenStack Foundation officially debuted its Icehouse release on April 17 providing enterprises, service providers and end-users with new and enhanced cloud computing features. OpenStack is an open-source effort that got its start in July 2010 as a joint project supported by Rackspace and NASA.

The Icehouse release is the ninth release of OpenStack since the project officially debuted and enjoys the support of many of the world's leading tech vendors, including IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, AT&T, Intel, VMware and many others. With the Icehouse release, in addition to more features, there was more development activity across multiple metrics...

Ericsson-Mirantis Deal a Milestone for OpenStack Software

Grazed from WallStreetJournal. Author: Spencer E. Ante.

OpenStack, a kind of operating system for computer rooms, is emerging as an increasingly important piece of software. A move by Ericsson stands to provide another big push. The Swedish giant has signed a deal with a startup called Mirantis to use OpenStack as the software foundation for its telecommunications network, internal data centers and cloud computing services that Ericsson will offer its customers.

Ericsson declined to comment on the financial terms. But a person familiar with the matter said the software licensing deal extends for five years and has an estimated value of $30 million. Industry participants believe the deal with Mirantis is the largest to date for OpenStack, which has become a key weapon in the battle among cloud services that are taking over many company computing functions...