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ZeroVM Creates Software for Cloud Computing

Grazed from SilliconHills.  Author: Editorial Staff.

ZeroVM is creating the world’s first cloud hypervisor, which is a piece of software that creates and runs virtual machines.  The team from Israel has created an open source platform for cloud computing that is fast and efficient. The open source program runs on Openstack, the operating system for the cloud, which Rackspace created along with NASA.

The ZeroVM Team has spent the past week in Portland, Oregon at the Openstack Summit meeting with customers. They arrived back in San Antonio just in time to pitch ZeroVM at the TechStars Cloud Demo Day on Thursday.  Camuel Gilyadov, one of the team’s founders, presented the company. Its slide showing “5 Geeks with Russian accents,” got a big laugh...

Cloud Computing: Sumo Logic Introduces Hosted Collection Features for Amazon S3

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

Unified public and private cloud log management, monitoring and analytics are key to the acceleration of enterprise cloud deployments—at least according to Sumo Logic. The vendor has updated its log management and analytics product with new functionality that enables customers to quickly analyze logs generated by SaaS, PaaS or IaaS environments, but it also unveiled new support for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) S3.

The update includes support for hosted collection for companies that want to store their logs directly in Amazon S3. This follows up on support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that Sumo Logic announced last spring. At that time, the company introduced its Sumo Logic Free log management and analytics service to AWS. The new functionality really centers on new collection capabilities, which include the ability to:...

SailPoint extends capabilities of SaaS offering

Grazed from SailPoint. Author: PR Announcement.

SailPoint AccessIQ provides single sign-on (SSO) for internal Web applications, including company portals, custom Web applications, collaboration tools like SharePoint, and enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle E-Business suite. Additionally, SailPoint announced the immediate availability of the SailPoint AccessIQ mobile app for iOS and Android devices, providing today’s mobile workforce with secure and greatly simplified access to cloud and Web applications from mobile devices.

With these new capabilities, AccessIQ is the industry’s only solution that can provide business users with a single SSO solution spanning cloud and on-premises Web applications, as well as mobile devices, while enforcing appropriate levels of security policy and controls...

Cloud Computing: IP protection startup Inquisitive Systems gets funding to battle APTs

Grazed from TechWorld. Author: John E. Dunn.

Promising Scottish security startup Inquisitive Systems has been handed £500,000 ($750,000) by angel investors to boost development of its innovative ZoneFox system designed to protect firms from the threat of having sensitive IP assets stolen by hackers. Spun out in 2010 from Edinburgh’s Napier University, the latest round has come from the Archangel syndicate, building on top of previous tranches from Scottish Enterprise, which invested £100,000, and £60,000 from seed investors.

The faith being shown by investors appears to be based on the belief that with targeted attacks, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and economic digital warfare now established threats, ZoneFox is a technology that has matured at precisely the right moment...

CliQr Adds Performance, Manageability Features to CloudCenter 2.0

Grazed from TalkinCloud.  Author: Chris Talbot.

CliQr Technologies has added a new set of features around performance and manageability to support mission-critical cloud computing in the latest version of its CloudCenter solution. CloudCenter 2.0 is also being targeted at cloud services providers—and cloud providers in general—to make it easier for them to migrate customers' applications to private and public clouds.

CloudCenter 2.0 was designed to make it easy for cloud services providers to manage private and public cloud deployments for a variety of applications and to support different use cases such as cloud-based disaster recovery and public development and test environments. With the Vendor Edition of the product, cloud services providers can "progressively retain and repurpose intellectual property from one client engagement to another by publishing applications and application templates to an established repository." Basically, do it once and then reuse templates—a process a lot of vendors and partners have turned to make things as simple as possible in an increasingly complex IT environment...

Citrix Releases CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0

Grazed from VirtualizationReview.  Author: Gladys Rama.

Version 2.0 CloudPortal Business Manager, Citrix's cloud services delivery platform, was released last week.  Citrix acquired CloudPortal Business Manager, along with the CloudPlatform cloud orchestration layer, two years ago when the company purchased CloudStack software provider CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 is the first time the product has been updated since Citrix acquired it, according to Tom McCafferty, senior director of product marketing within Citrix's Coud Platforms Group.

"CloudPortal Business Manager is kind of a self-service or management overlay that sits on top of our CloudPlatform orchestration system. That's what it was originally designed to do," McCafferty explained in a briefing. "It was for cloud service providers, building an Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] cloud, who needed a way to deliver that service to their end users. And they needed a way to connect that service on the back end of their business to meter and bill it."... upgrades Cloud Drive with file syncing

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Jeremy Kirk. has added a file-syncing feature to its online storage product, Cloud Drive, putting the service on par with competitors such as Dropbox and Google's Drive. The syncing feature will allow users to view an up-to-date file across several devices. Cloud Drive is a desktop application for Windows and Mac, and also has a version designed for Android, just for photos. also offers a Web-based upload panel if users don't want to download the desktop application.

Online storage applications are a very competitive market segment. The services allow users to spread the same version of a file across several computers and prevent the loss of a file in case a computer is lost or stolen or breaks. But it is also an area where technical glitches and performance issues are a concern...

Startup Nebula Launches a Plug-and-Play Cloud Computer

Grazed from AllThingsHD. Author: Arik Hesseldahl.

Here’s a name I haven’t heard in a while: Anso Labs. Remember this was the cloud computing startup that originated at NASA, where the original ideas for OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform was born? Anso Labs was acquired by Rackspace a little more than two years ago. It was a small team. But now a lot of the people who ran Anso Labs are back with a new outfit, still devoted to cloud computing, and still devoted to Openstack. It’s called Nebula. And it builds a turnkey computer, that will turn an ordinary rack of servers into a cloud-ready system, running — you guessed it — Openstack.

Based in Mountain View, Nebula claims to have an answer for any company that’s ever wanted to build its own private cloud system and not rely on outside vendors like Amazon or Hewlett-Packard, or Rackspace to run it for them. It’s called the Nebula One. And Nebula CEO and founder Chris Kemp said the setup is pretty simple: Plug the servers into the Nebula One, then you “turn it on and it boots up cloud.” All of the provisioning, and management that a service provider would normally charge you for, has been created on a hardware device...

Evolution Capital Partners Adopts Navatar Private Equity CRM for Cloud Computing to Help Small Businesses Grow

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Navatar Group (@navatargroup), a premier cloud provider for financial services, today announced that Evolution Capital Partners (@evolution_cp), a Cleveland based small business private equity firm, has successfully adopted Navatar Private Equity CRM to manage their opportunity pipeline and deploy their funds most effectively.

Evolution Capital Partners invests growth capital nationwide in Second Stage Companies, providing the necessary resources to successfully navigate the critical transition through No Man's Land. "Our approach to investing involves a deliberate and defined process," said Jeffrey Kadlic, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Evolution Capital Partners. "The Navatar platform allows us to efficiently manage this process which supports our core values and ultimately allows us to better serve our investors and growth companies."...

How Cloud Computing Has Changed The Face of HR and Recruitment

Grazed from BrightMove. Author: Traci Kingery.

Chances are high that your industry, company, or perhaps more specifically, your role, has been altered over the years by cloud computing. The rate by which these changes continue to happen is increasing at an alarming rate as more corporations seek cost saving solutions and tools to increase productivity and effectiveness. Your organization has most likely transitioned, or begun to transition, toward cloud computing strategies and more specifically utilization as it relates to Human Resources and Recruitment. Assuming a basic understanding of what the cloud is, let’s breakdown some of the advantages and disadvantages for those that are still unfamiliar or possibly resistant.

As already mentioned, there are several reasons companies decide to evolve through the use of cloud computing. I once heard an analogy, though very simply put, gave a basic explanation of the cloud and why it is necessary for business. If the electricity used to power your home is representative of the internet, then the cloud is the original power source for that electricity. You may not know exactly where it’s coming from, but you have a basic understanding of how it gets there and the necessity of it (I said it was basic)...