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Apple reveals fingerprint cloud storage patent

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Apple has patented a method for iPhones to store fingerprint information, upload to the cloud, and then download it on another iPhone. The patent “Finger Biometric Sensor Data Synchronization VIA A Cloud Computing Device And Related Methods" was published by the USPTO on December 17, 2015, reports Slash Gear.

Filed in August, this envisioned process would allow Apple devices to collect fingerprint information, as they do today, but also upload that information to the cloud for storage. Previously, Apple has shied away from storing biometric data in the cloud – and its security policy states: “An image of the fingerprint itself is never actually retained...

Amazon's monster Black Friday deal lets you store all your files in the cloud for just $5 for an entire year

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Being able to store all your videos, photos, and other bulky files in the cloud is a beautiful thing. It lets you have a small (or even practically nonexistent) hard drive, and access you files from wherever you happen to be.
This Black Friday, Amazon has rolled out a monster deal on its unlimited cloud storage option. Just today, you'll be able to buy unlimited cloud storage for a year for only $5 (regularly $60).  You'll also be able to unlimited photo storage for $1 (regularly $12), though it should be noted that if you have Amazon Prime, you already have this - you might just not know...

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Receives 2015 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award

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Hitachi Data Systems announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere as a 2015 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award winner, presented by TMC's Cloud Computing Magazine. The Cloud Storage Excellence Award recognizes companies that have introduced or improved cloud storage solutions. The award honors vendors who provide unsurpassed cloud storage, as well as storage efficiency for their customer base.

"Congratulations to Hitachi Data Systems for its ability to show maturity and expansion of the cloud storage market through innovation and product quality," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "We are pleased to present HCP Anywhere with a Cloud Storage Excellence Award for its commitment to advancing cloud storage solutions."...

Storage and management of business data with Salesforce cloud computing

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Keeping data safe is important. The task is hard to start and even harder to manage, but it must be done. Anyway, if you are finding data management to be difficult, then you are probably using the wrong equipment. Technology has made it possible for you to store billions of records effortlessly without spending a fortune in the process. Personal data storage should not be a problem. The main problem often lies in the storage of business data. For every business, data is a crucial asset. Businesses that do not keep records of their customers or marketing campaigns are always bound to fail at some point.

Proper data storage

There are many ways that you can store your data nowadays. There are flash drives of large capacity, memory cards, hard drives and humongous-capacity servers available for your use. It all depends on how much space you need. However, storage of data on the ‘cloud’ is the most popular practice nowadays...

IBM Enhances Data Economics and Storage Security for the Cloud and Cognitive Era

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IBM today announced new innovations to its IBM Spectrum Storage family of software-defined storage to help clients improve storage management, data security and reduce data costs as they deploy new technology to support cognitive and other data-driven applications across hybrid cloud environments. 

IBM Spectrum Storage is designed to help clients securely embrace the explosive growth of data and support both traditional and next generation applications. New features to improve security and cost-effective management of large amounts of data and storage, include:

PFD Food Services opens the door to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage through Commvault

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Commvault, a global leader in enterprise data protection and information management, has today announced that PFD Food Services, the largest privately-owned food distributor in Australia, is using Commvault to ensure the protection and high availability of its strategic data assets in its journey to the cloud.

To support business growth and respond to the changing demands of the industry, PFD sought to modernise its data management strategy and information infrastructure, ensuring speed and flexibility.

"Food distribution is a fast and often unforgiving business; there is a narrow window to match supply and demand for customers, while the market is fiercely competitive," said Richard Cohen, Chief Information Officer of PFD. "We have to do everything we can to give ourselves that competitive advantage, which means the free flow of strategic business information. Systems downtime is simply not an option."


The modernisation of the food distributor's data management strategy has coincided with the establishment of a second data centre, acting as a source for essential back-ups, decreasing the risk significantly. The data centre also operates as a corporate hot site, providing rapid up-to-the-minute failover if required.

Cloud Computing: Dropbox Unveils Team Feature To Make Collaboration Easier

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A new team feature for easier collaboration on Dropbox is rolling out to both Basic and Pro users over the coming week, the company said Monday. The feature, available today, is designed for the more than 60 percent of users who primarily employ Dropbox for work.
Among the new collaboration tools is a team folder option that creates a single, centralized location for members of a work group to "meet" and share documents online.

Each team member will have automatic access to any new files added to that team folder. Dropbox's new team feature also enables users to create groups within work teams, and to add new members to those groups at any time. Adding new members automatically gives them access to all the documents in that group's folders...

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Is the cloud replacing tape as a backup of choice?

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Cloud computing is being touted by many, especially vendors, as the path to take as businesses grow. Cloud advocates say that the elasticity that cloud provides is difficult to replicate in on-premises networks and sooner than later, businesses will be considering using services in the cloud.

Major vendors are developing data centers in many countries to alleviate concerns regarding the data leaving the country. However, the benefits of using services in the cloud usually out perform any concerns. In an interview with Networks Asia, Aravindan Anandan, Consulting Systems Engineer, Asia Pacific, Barracuda Networks (India) Pte Ltd. talks about the benefits of cloud computing and its role in storage management, such as disaster recovery and backup...

More than three quarters of firms concerned over consumer grade cloud storage

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A new paper from Osterman Research in conjunction with CTERA Networks argues a clear need for organisations to adopt enterprise grade file sync and share (EFSS) software due to security and shadow IT fears.  Naturally, the conclusion of the report is less than surprising given CTERA’s continued push against consumer grade (CFSS) software.

Back in July the firm released research detailing how three quarters of firms are looking for an alternative to public file sync and share services. VP strategic marketing Rani Osnat told this publication how while the likes of Box and Dropbox have made a concerted effort at greater security, more still needed to be done...

Storage spending veers toward cloud

Grazed from CIO.  Author: Stephen Lawson.

The cloud is where the action is in enterprise storage.  Sales are way up for little-known manufacturers that sell directly to big cloud companies like Google and Facebook, while the market for traditional external storage systems is shrinking, according to research company IDC.

Internet giants and service providers typically don't use specialized storage platforms in their sprawling data centers. Instead, they buy vast amounts of capacity in the form of generic hardware that's controlled by software. As users flock to cloud-based services, that's a growing business...