Cloud Adoption

Firms Of The Future Embrace The Power Of The Cloud

Grazed from HuffingtonPost. Author: Jeff Cates.

In today's digital age, you would be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn't been transformed by technology. I've spoken about the dramatic shift in Canada's small business landscape in the last few years as we move away from the notion of the "mom and pop" shop down the street towards the innovative startup run by tech-savvy, digital entrepreneurs.

New technologies, cloud computing in particular, have also changed the face of the accounting industry, transforming the way accounting professionals collaborate with their small business clients and empowering them to expand their role from compliance officer to trusted business adviser...

MSPs Worry Whether Cloud Means Boon or Bust

Grazed from MSPMentor. Author: Aldrin Brown.

Rapid adoption of cloud computing appears to be a seminal event in the IT world, with managed services providers (MSPs) torn about whether to expect new, lucrative revenue models, or watch customers flock to self-service offerings that eliminate the need for third-party providers. That’s the portrait of the industry painted by the 5th annual Trends in Managed Services report, released today by CompTIA, the Computing Information Technology Industry Association.

According to the survey of 400 MSPs, VARs, systems integrators and IT consultants, “cloud computing” was the top concern keeping them up at night, with 62 percent of respondents agreeing with the assertion. At the same time, cloud is seen by MSPs as a top opportunity driver for the future...

How businesses and investors can ride the cloud computing boom

Grazed from EJInsight. Author: Raymond Tsoi.

Cloud computing is now seen essential for businesses to improve their cost-efficiency and scalability. But there is a debate going on as to which functions should be transitioned to the cloud, and what it means for the companies in terms of data security and other aspects. To provide some insights on the issue, EJ Insight presents the views of Krupal Raval, senior vice president (finance) at Digital Realty, a data center operator which has a wide range of clients including financial services firms, manufacturing enterprises and IT services entities.

Q. Can you tell us how cloud computing is driving innovation in the finance industry?

A: Cloud computing offers characteristics that can support the exchange of information and provide the infrastructure needed for financial services firms looking to implement technologies. Especially in the finance industry, due to the nature of the data hosted in the data center, it is imperative to ensure that their business-critical IT infrastructure remains up and running 24/7. Any interruption in connectivity for financial institutions’ critical systems could be catastrophic to the business and its customers...

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10 Ways to Simplify Cloud Computing Adoption at Your Company

Grazed from SmallBusinessTrends. Author: Shubhomita Bose.

When it comes to cloud computer adoption, it turns out many small businesses still do things the old fashioned way. A recent survey released by Brother International, a global supplier of office equipment, further highlights this trend. According to the survey, 58 percent of small businesses’ regular work tasks require employees to be physically present in the office.

This could mean it’s impractical for these small business employees to be away. Or, just as likely, it could mean they lack the technology that could make collaboration and access to company data from elsewhere possible. The study also reveals that 91 percent have the standard office equipment — printer, scanner, copier or fax machine — and that 43 percent of this group use the printer in the office more than 10 times per day...

Embracing Cloud in the Cognitive Era

Grazed from MISAsia. Author: Jason Teo.

Did you know that 70 percent of the companies that were once on the Fortune 1000 list in 2003 have now vanished? In fact, analysts predict that over the next three years, at least one-third of the top 20 companies in every industry will be equally disrupted if they do not move fast enough. So what is the cause of this disruptive trend?

According to our 2016 Global C-Suite study, 77 percent of the CIOs interviewed, attribute this disruption to the influence of new technologies. While they believe mobile solutions, cloud computing and the Internet of Things will continue to have the most significant impact on their organisations over the next three to five years, over 60 percent of them think cognitive computing could revolutionise businesses as well...

Datapipe And Microsoft Team To Drive Cloud Adoption Across Asia-Pacific

Grazed from CSO. Author: Editorial Staff.

Datapipe, a leading provider of managed hosting and cloud services for the enterprise, has teamed up with Microsoft to drive the ease of cloud adoption among businesses in Hong Kong and broader Asia-Pacific. Datapipe has been recognized by Microsoft as a Direct Partner in its Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program in Hong Kong. This makes Datapipe one of only four Direct CSP Partners in Hong Kong.

Datapipe’s managed services are now available to enterprises on Microsoft’s cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and hybrid cloud across Asia-Pacific. Datapipe works closely with Microsoft and its clients to help them manage Microsoft cloud migration, deployment and management – driving up the ease of cloud adoption through its award-winning managed services...

The growth trajectory of cloud, what is IT really costing you?

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Faith Rees.

The growth trajectory of Cloud has been well documented, you’d be pretty hard pressed not to be able to find a reference to the increase in adoption worldwide. Pretty much every IT vendor is vying for a place in the race to cloud adoption. We are at a unique inflection point with a mass of opportunity ahead of us as providers, vendors, sellers and enablers of IT, as consumers continue to drive us toward innovation, as we continue to strive for faster, more efficient, more effective, cheaper ways to do, well, everything! The opportunity that the cloud presents to enable, scale and efficiencies that have been previously unavailable to many is disrupting the fabric of the way we have done business to date and literally opening up a world of opportunities.

To steal a phrase from the recent Cisco report Impact of Cloud IT Consumption models “One of the clearest expressions of this cloud-driven change is the emergence of lines of business (LOBs) — human resources, sales, R&D, and other areas that are end users of IT — both as direct consumers of cloud-based services, and as ever more prominent influencers of companies’ IT agendas...

Buy-in from the top is key to cloud transitions, AWS exec says

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Blair Hanley Frank.

As the head of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy has seen a lot of big organizations start using the public cloud. The biggest indicator of success for a cloud transition is simple, he says: Has the business' senior staff bought into it? In his view, organizations will usually stick with their status quo on-premises data centers unless leaders are ready to promote the use of public cloud services.

"And it sounds a little bit simple, but the reality is that there's so much inertia all over these organizations in continuing to things the same way they've been done for the last number of years, for a variety of different reasons," Jassy said at the AWS Summit in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday...

Despite security and lock-in fears, public cloud adoption thrives among Fortune 500

Grazed from TechRepublic. Author: Matt Asay.

Enterprises are still wary of vendor lock-in and perceived security issues, and it's throttling their ambitions to run more workloads in the cloud. Or it would, if public cloud weren't so darn convenient and necessary for driving innovation. This is one strong conclusion that emerges from a new MongoDB survey of over 2,500 people.

Given MongoDB's new school NoSQL approach to data, it's not surprising that so many of its enterprise users would be increasingly comfortable running in the cloud. What is more surprising is that these same organizations keep talking about lock-in and security, even as they run ever larger percentages of their applications in the cloud...

Lack of cloud governance model complicates adoption story

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: John Moore.

As the story of cloud computing continues to unfold, channel partners are encountering some interesting and perhaps unexpected plot twists. Recent research suggests organizations continue to push decisively to the cloud. Survey results released last week by Insight Enterprises, a hardware, software, cloud and service provider based in Tempe, Ariz., revealed that more than 80% of organizations plan to invest in cloud services in 2016.

Large and medium-sized organizations are poised to be the biggest adopters, but 72% of small companies are also ready to invest in cloud technology. The Insight-commissioned research is based on a survey of 403 IT professionals. But while adoption continues, many organizations lack a coherent cloud governance model and financial management strategy for successful deployment...