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Avaya Dives Headlong Into Hybrid With Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Grazed from Avaya.

Avaya, a global leader in business communications software, systems and services, today announced its first complete, multichannel unified communications and contact center cloud offers targeted for the midmarket. Avaya Midmarket Cloud solutions are two flexible deployment options, enabling Avaya channel partners to seamlessly evolve midsize companies to the advanced capabilities needed for digital business. Both options, Powered by Avaya IP Office™ and OnAvaya™ - Google™ Cloud Platform, can enable true, hybrid clouds that allow customers to maximize their investments in more than 1 million Avaya systems worldwide.

Based on the world-class, Avaya IP Office™ Platform, Avaya Midmarket Cloud Solutions are the only unified communications and contact center cloud offers for midsize businesses in the market that utilize the same code base as those installed on premises. The benefits of a single code base for deploying hybrid clouds cannot be understated:

Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview Available for Download - Enter Hybrid Cloud

Article written by David Marshall


Microsoft has finally released the first technical preview of its new Azure Stack offering, the company's customized cloud bundle, after being delayed for a number of months.

So what is Azure Stack all about? 

It is Microsoft's new hybrid cloud platform product designed to provide organizations with the ability to deliver Azure services from their own on-premises data center in a way that remains consistent with the current public cloud version of Azure.

IBM & Catalogic Combine Solutions For Hybrid Cloud & DevOps

Grazed from StorageReview. Author: Adam Armstrong.

Today IBM and Catalogic announced that a new set of solutions that combines Catalogic’s flagship product, ECX, with several of IBM’s products. The new joint solutions are aimed at modernizing IT infrastructure including automation of storage and data management, self-service capabilities, and complete RESTful API management. This modernization should deliver superior results while lowering OPEX. The joint solutions will enable companies to accelerate implementation of new use cases and workloads.

As we stated previously: ECX manages the full lifecycle of Copy Data. The software is deployed as a virtual appliance allowing IT to leverage the existing storage investment without going to the "rip and replace" method of expanding storage. And ECX has several use cases including: leverage copy data by orchestrating and automating consistent SnapMirrors to automated disaster recovery, Test Dev, and analytics; next generation data protection through instant recovery and disaster recovery by leveraging snapshot data; hybrid cloud “killer app” that uses orchestration to leverage liquid compute resources in the cloud, and copy data analytics with advanced search, report and analyze...

EcomNets Today Announced the Industry's First Smart Hybrid Cloud Computing Platform

Grazed from ITBusinessNet.  Author: Editorial Staff.

 EcomNets today announced the industry's first Smart Hybrid Cloud Computing platform, designed specifically for Combining Private & Public Environments. Even though cloud computing has been around for quite some time, it is still considered a new frontier for some organizations.

Many companies are dabbling in private clouds or have some non-essential data stored in public clouds, but others are still waiting for the right combination to meet their needs. For that reason, interest is growing in hybrid cloud approaches that are designed to combine the best of both worlds for organizations that cant rely primarily on only a private or public cloud environment...

Appcito Introduces Enterprise Application Delivery Capabilities to Accelerate Application Rollout and Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Grazed from Appcito.

Appcito, a provider of cloud application delivery solutions, today announced the latest release of the Appcito Application Delivery System (ADS), formerly known as Appcito Cloud Application Front-End (CAFÉ). The new capabilities, available immediately, allow enterprise IT and network infrastructure teams to act as providers and enable application owners and DevOps teams to rollout new applications in minutes with a self-service model, while still being 100% compliant to existing security policies and governance models. This will help accelerate cloud adoption by simplifying operations and reducing risk.

This release of Appcito ADS introduces new service adapters for F5 Big-IP LTM and HAProxy devices. These service adapters offer granular per-application visibility and analytics, ensuring enterprise infrastructure teams can leverage their existing ADC investments without operational disruption.

Does anyone really want hybrid cloud?

Grazed from ITProPortal.  Author: Barry Phillips.

 What is hybrid cloud? That’s part of the problem – there’s confusion about what it is, and what it isn’t. A search for “hybrid cloud solutions” turns up a mix of private cloud platforms, virtualisation software, enterprise hardware solutions, managed service providers, and system integrators.  Vendor hype says it means you have two clouds, maybe public and private, so you have hybrid. But they’re not connected. What’s hybrid about that?

Let’s start with a definition of hybrid cloud. This one is from TechTarget, so it’s independent of any vendor marketing: “Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms...

IBM and Catalogic Software to Announce Joint Solutions for Hybrid Cloud and DevOps in Live Online Event February 2nd

Grazed from IBM and Catalogic Software.

IBM and Catalogic Software today announced that they will hold a live online event next week to introduce a new series of tested and validated joint solutions for both Hybrid Cloud operations and for DevOps, in addition to other important IT use cases.  The event will be carried via live online stream on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11 AM Eastern.  The event is open to the public, and available by registering at the following link:  http://data.catalogicsoftware.com/en/ibm/catalogic-launch-event-lp-feb-2-2016

The event will be co-hosted by IBM VP of Storage, Bina Hallman, and Catalogic Software CEO, Ed Walsh. 

The session will demonstrate how Catalogic's data management software platform leverages IBM storage to deliver key functionality like self-service provisioning and automation--fundamental attributes of a modern, dynamic infrastructure. This powerful combination allows IT to easily deploy resources and move data in support of operations in the Cloud or in support of DevOps processes. 

VMTurbo Announces Hybrid Cloud Control for Arista Networked Environments

Grazed from VMTurbo and Arista

VMTurbo, the only real-time application performance control system for the software-defined data center, today announced the launch of their Hybrid Cloud Control solution for Arista networked environments, enabling network-aware control for workloads bursting to and from the public cloud. This announcement follows the launch of the next phase of Arista EOS, providing customers with greater scalability, network visibility and support for real-time migration to private, public and hybrid clouds.

"Our integration with Arista empowers joint customers to guarantee application Quality of Service on any cloud," said Endre Sara, VP, Advanced Solutions at VMTurbo. "At enterprise scale, deciding what workloads to run where and when is complex beyond human control. Our solution not only improves workload mobility but enables customers to guarantee performance in their private data center and the public cloud."

IBM, CSC Team for Hybrid Cloud Expansion

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Michael Cusanelli.

IBM has expanded its partnership with CSC, a Virginia-based IT services provider, with the goal of developing joint applications to support mobile, analytics and cognitive intelligence across hybrid cloud platforms. The partnership centers around the integration of the IBM Cloud, which includes services such as analytics, mobile, networking and storage, with the CSC Agility Platform, which allows customers to use hybrid clouds across multiple cloud providers as well as their traditional IT environments.

By combining the IBM Cloud with the CSC Agility Platform, CSC customers can now use IBM cloud services in a hybrid multi-cloud environment, according to the announcement. IBM has agreed to incorporate the IBM Cloud as a key component of CSC’s IT strategy as both companies work to help clients meet their compliance requirements...

Read more from the source @ http://talkincloud.com/hybrid-cloud-computing/ibm-csc-team-hybrid-cloud-expansion

Hybrid clouds are hot, SDNs and DevOps coming on strong

Grazed from CIO. Author: Clint Boulton.

If you're a CIO the chances are good your computing environment looks something like this: A hybrid cloud comprising core business software hosted internally but interfacing with software-as-a-service applications that are important but not mission-critical. And you also have public cloud services where you test applications.

Eighty-one percent of 3,000 vice presidents of IT, network and infrastructure architects surveyed last summer by F5 Networks fit that profile, indicating that they plan on operating a hybrid cloud environment in the next two to five years, says Karl Triebes, CTO of the application services provider. He says some respondents are also considering migrating their networking systems to software-defined networks (SDNs), and embracing DevOps to gain greater operational efficiencies...