The cloud and the CIO - the cloud is still out of control - part 1

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With IDC recently predicting that IT infrastructure spending will grow at a CAGR of 15.1% from 2014 to 2019, and given that spending on cloud will be 46% of the entire IT budget – it’s clear that now is the time harness the best that the cloud has to offer. Research commissioned by Fruition Partners in 2015 showed that CIOs had a range of serious concerns over cloud control. This year, the research was repeated and it looks as though little has changed.

The research found that 80 per cent of CIOs do not apply the same comprehensive IT service management processes to cloud as they do for in-house IT services. When compared to last year’s figures, the research found while there has been a slight improvement in overall cloud maturity, we’ve still got a long way to go. In fact, more than 85 per cent of CIOs still say that the proliferation of public cloud computing services is reducing the control their organisation has over the IT services it uses. CIOs are highly concerned by the negative impacts of this trend, with three-quarters of them saying it leads to financial waste, and increases the business and security risks to the organisation...

INFOGRAPHIC: Cloud Computing Is Helping CIOs Deliver

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Digital disruption is transforming business at the core. And it’s changing the priorities of the CIO, too. View the infographic to learn how you can prepare to embrace digital transformation and move ahead with confidence.

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Cloud Computing What does the role of the CIO look like in 2016?

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It is a question which carries more resonance as technology matures: what is the major role of the CIO today? The usual responses range from improving business efficiency, to spearheading the organisation’s technological revolution. At the MIT Sloan CIO Conference earlier this month, the answer was simple.

“The perfect CIO is enabling the perfectly friction-less business,” argued Steve Rosenbush, the editor of CIO Journal. Yet there are many layers to uncover to get to the heart of this statement. Harvey Nash and KPMG have today released a report on ‘the creative CIO’. The authors, Harvey Nash chief executive Albert Ellis and KPMG International global CIO advisory service network lead Lisa Heneghan, conclude that despite an increasing examination of security, the CIOs with a creative mindset are winning out over those with an operational focus...

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Cloud and its impact on the CIO: then and now

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“As its technologies and processes mature, the cloud is being increasingly relied on as a vehicle for agile, scalable and elastic solutions. To build competitive advantage and cut costs, CIOs and other IT leaders need to constantly adapt their strategies to leverage cloud capabilities.” So says Gartner in its Predicts 2016: Cloud Computing to Drive Digital Business report.

The Cloud terminology has become ingrained in business vocabulary and represents what many businesses see is the next evolution of IT: the ability to source the required IT resources – be it computing resources, storage capacity, network connectivity, mobile application or secured services. However, despite the acceptance of cloud, public or private or hybrid, as an acceptable strategy that delivers on the promise of utility-like services the use of public cloud to host critical business applications at scale remains limited to the puzzlement of cloud service providers...

Cisco launches Cloud Consumption as a Service to help CIOs retain control

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Cisco has announced a new service to help CIOs regain control of the company computing resources as shadow IT threatens to run rampant.  Its new Cloud Consumption as a Service (CCaaS) offering promises to discover and monitor public cloud computing usage, which grew at 112 per cent last year in large enterprises. With the average organisation now using 1,220 cloud services the position of chief information officer risks being undermined, as much of the information technology that companies use is now out of the CIO’s control, according to Cisco.
Cisco alleges that cloud services are now 25 times higher than the average CIO planned for, meaning that management is impossible. The launch of CCaaS will offer measure and monitoring, in order to help CIOs to manage what it describes as ‘the significant business risks associated with uncontrolled adoption of public cloud services’. These risks range from regulatory compliance and data protection, to business continuity, cost and service performance, it warns...

CIOs struggling to identify and implement cloud services

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Cloud computing is already cited by CIOs as one of the biggest contributors to IT complexity – now new research released by Trustmarque shows more than four in five CIOs struggle to identify and implement cloud services must suitable for their business. The complexity of existing IT infrastructure is a problem for moving to the cloud, according to two thirds (66%) of CIOs, while almost three quarters (74%) admitting interdependencies between different IT environments are another barrier for moving IT services to the cloud. (73%) see cloud services as making data governance more complicated.

A similar number (78%) say integrating different cloud services is a challenge, while two thirds (68%) say admit modernising or rearchitecting certain applications will slow their journey to the cloud, according to the research. It is not just integrating different cloud services which is an issue- the needs of employees also leaves CIOs with headaches...

Negotiating cloud contracts: A new era for CIOs

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As cloud spending grows, providers are easing up on the 'my way or the highway' approach. Here's how to negotiate a cloud contract with terms and conditions that work for your enterprise. CIO Cynthia Nustad remembers the early days of the cloud, when IT didn't have much wiggle room in negotiating cloud contracts.

Seven years ago or so, the vast majority of cloud service providers offered a standard cookie-cutter contract to businesses, said Nustad, CIO at HMS, a healthcare management services company. Many providers balked at accepting any real liability, and they certainly shied away from signing what is known in the healthcare industry as a business associate agreement, which has the provider assuming some shared risk in the event of a data breach...

The enterprise and hybrid cloud: What CIOs need to know

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When it comes to the enterprise and the hybrid cloud, and what CIOs need to know about that, let’s start here: Nine out of 10 IT decision makers say embracing the hybrid cloud for their business is necessary for building a future-ready enterprise. Odds are that those same nine out of 10 CIOs are still struggling to agree on exactly what the term “hybrid cloud” actually means.

That’s because hybrid cloud is a bit of an “umbrella term,” covering all sorts of collaborative scenarios. That said, it almost always requires the intermingling and central managing of public or private off-site cloud technology, along with some in-house IT—both operating independently of one another—and both able to communicate over encrypted connections. Hybrid cloud also describes the general coordination of two or more clouds...

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Pressure from all sides to adopt the cloud: CIOs

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SENIOR technology executives are being increasingly pressured both by vendor pitches and internal management requirements to cut cost in their journey to adopt cloud computing, a group of chief information officers (CIOs) said last week.

Speaking at a panel session entitled Making the Most of the Cloud at the Malaysian leg of the CIO Leaders Summit, Hood Abu Bakar, general manager of ICT for MISC Corp, said vendors introduce something new every now and then, after which they market and push their solutions onto users.   MISC is Malaysia’s leading international shipping organisation and is listed on the Bursa Malaysia bourse...

Microsoft plans two Canadian data centres to address CIOs' cloud concerns

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Here’s the mayor of Toronto, not an IT professional, but John Tory has no problem articulating why he sees potential in cloud computing. “I’m of the age where I still ask my children for advice about these things, but even I knew an 18-year-old email system was not something to be admired,” Tory told a press conference where Microsoft announced it is building two new Canadian data centres to support its cloud-based software products.

Since City Hall moved from Groupwise to Microsoft outlook, Tory added, “We’re now in a situation where we can respond properly.” Tory’s example is just one of the ways that Microsoft is hoping to encourage more businesses to make the leap from running legacy technology on their on premises to a cloud or software-as-a-service model...