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Microsoft’s Azure Is Starting to Close the Gap With Amazon’s Cloud Service

Grazed from MacroInsider.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Final year software maker stopped relying on (AMZN) for its cloud solutions and turned to Microsoft (MSFT) as an alternative. K2 Chief Executive Officer Adriaan van Wyk says he’s delighted with the choice—most of the time. The developer tools of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service are superior, he says, and he likes its customized client service.

Yet occasionally Azure is slow, and on Nov. 18 it suffered a worldwide outage that lasted numerous hours. As insurance, Van Wyk has moved five percent of his organization back to Amazon Internet Solutions. “We nonetheless like Microsoft,” he says. “At the identical time, it’s been a bit bumpy. The five % tends to make confident if we have to move back to AWS we can do it swiftly"...

Leveraging IT Distributors for Cloud

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Trey Hedden.

The cloud — the most ambiguous, overhyped and overused term in the IT industry. It's like a modern day Wild West where it is so hard to discern the difference between the tiny firms based in a foreign country and the reputable, reliable and trustworthy ones we would want to entrust our reputation to.

It is nearly impossible for most of us to determine the firms you can trust, what products actually work and what providers are properly capitalized to the point where we can trust them with our clients. We simply don’t have the staff of accounting, legal and technology experts to do a detailed analysis of firms and offerings — and then keep up with the market to ensure the best solution now remains the best going forward...

Cloud Computing: Canonical’s “Snappy Ubuntu” Lands On AWS

Grazed from TechCrunch.  Author: Frederic Lardinois.

Canonical’s stripped down “Snappy” edition of Ubuntu Core is now available on Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform.  If you’ve followed along over the last few weeks, that’s not a major surprise. Snappy first launched on Microsoft Azure at the beginning of this month and then arrived on Google’s Compute Engine platform earlier this week. It was pretty obvious that AWS’s EC2 would be next.

snappyIf you’re a developer on AWS, you can now use Canonical’s Ubuntu Core machine image to quickly launch a new Snappy instance. Because of the way Snappy works, it only supports hardware virtual machines (HVMs) on EC2...

Cloud Computing: What is Azure?

Grazed from CIO. Author: Patrick Renzi.

Cloud Computing is all the rage today, and rightfully so. Businesses are readily adopting this innovative way to compute over the Internet. But before you get ahead of yourself, there are hundreds of questions you should ask before journeying into the Cloud. For starters, what is driving this initiative? How are you preparing? How are you going to control it? And most important, what is it?

There is considerably more excitement about the Cloud than understanding. Tangible, like its namesake, the Cloud can actually be whatever you need it to be. It’s simply another way to access your system, and really no different than traditional hosting. Picture your desktop. There is a typically a tower, monitor, mouse, and keyboard...

Microsoft Courts Businesses With Enterprise-Grade Azure Cloud Updates

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Pedro Hernandez.

Microsoft has finally flipped the switch on a series of enterprise-grade updates to its Azure cloud computing platform, which the Redmond, Wash.-based company first teased in a cloud-themed press event on Oct. 20. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise group, announced Azure Premium Storage, a high-performance cloud storage service backed by speedy solid-state drives, during the event.

Today, customers can take the offering for a spin. Microsoft Azure's director of product marketing, Vibhor Kapoor, announced the Azure Premium Storage public preview in a Dec. 11 company blog post. The service "stores data on the latest technology Solid State Drives (SSDs) and offers up to 32 terabytes of storage per virtual machine," he explained...

Cloud Computing: Take a Look Inside SingleHop's New State-of-the-Art $30 Million Data Center

Grazed from ChicagoInno.  Author: Editorial Staff.

With private cloud hosting companies, enterprises receive the same agility and control that they would with a public cloud provider (like DigitalOcean or AWS), but with fixed economics and superior hands-on service. Because of this, 'Hosted Private Cloud Solutions' has been SingleHop's fastest-growing and most popular product category in 2014.

To meet this demand, SingleHop - a Chicago-based provider of cloud computing and IT infrastructure - launched a brand new, state-of-the art $30 million data center today that features key capabilities designed specifically for hosting private clouds...

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Azure Government Comes Out Of Preview

Grazed from TechCrunch.  Author: Frederic Lardinois.

Microsoft today announced that its Azure Government cloud computing service for federal, state, local and tribal U.S. governments is now generally available after more than a year of being in preview. This means the service is now open to all U.S. government customers. There are no more preview programs and the service is also now open for all workloads.

By default, Azure Government ensures that all data stays within the U.S. and within data centers and networks that are physically isolated from the rest of Microsoft’s cloud computing solution. It’s in compliance with FedRAMP, a mandatory government-wide program that prescribes a standardized way to carry out security assessments for cloud services...

Google Cloud Platform Supports Windows Workloads

Grazed from InformationWeek.  AuthorL: Thomas Claburn.

Add windows to a room and everything looks brighter. Add Windows to a platform and you open doors to new customers.  That's just what Google has done as it races with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other companies to attract business computing clients to the cloud.

Google on Monday said that customers now can use Windows-based workloads on Google Cloud Platform. The company is offering Microsoft License Mobility for Google Cloud Platform, which allows Microsoft customers to run Microsoft software on third-party services...

Cloud Computing: Start Up Zefflin Systems Launches

Grazed from Zefflin.  Author: PR Announcement.

 Systems integration startup Zefflin Systems, L.L.C. today announced its entry into the IT marketplace. Zefflin brings state-of-the-art data center automation and private cloud solutions to market using leading technologies like OpenStack, VMWare VCloud® Suite and Chef® software. Zefflins unique combination of tools, integration skills and experience brings affordable solutions designed to dramatically increase productivity of IT staff.

To support growing business units with flat or shrinking IT budgets, todays CIO has no choice but to increase IT staff productivity dramatically. At the same time, IT departments are faced with the need to improve the speed of service while maintaining a secure computing environment...

Cloud Computing: A Rare Peek Into The Massive Scale of AWS

Grazed from EnterpriseTech.  Author: Timothy Prickett Morgan.

The idea behind cloud computing, as pioneer Amazon Web Services believed when it launched its first utility compute and storage products eight years ago, is to abstract away the underlying hardware and provide raw resources to programmers for applications to run on. This hardware is a competitive advantage for AWS, as it has been for its parent online retailer, and that is why AWS very rarely talks about its datacenters and systems. But with Google, Microsoft, and IBM all talking up their investments in cloud and the innovations they have come up with, Amazon has to lift the veil a bit.

The reason is simple. The Amazon online retail business may be a $70 billion behemoth, but it does not throw off a lot of cash. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is not interested in profits as much as he is about transforming the world around him, but the cloud computing business is one of the most capital intensive businesses there are in the world...